​Actor Never Dies

The Gospel of Life through Death 

​Actor never dies.

Do you understand? You will if you are familiar with the background where the actor with the lead role in a movie is the actor and the villain, the boss. 

Hearing talks with “boss and actor” is so familiar that sometimes we act out our own scripts where ‘you are the boss’ and ‘I am the actor’. The rule of thumb is that no matter how you write the script, and no matter how we act it out, actor never dies.

We are souls in search of God and where He is elusive, we find alternative idols. Sometimes we have Him, but we still look for heroes. We are always on the look out for the mightier. Having the Almighty don’t matter sometimes. It is this background understanding of our nature and nurture that serves as a genuine excuse for not understanding a god that dies.

Actor never dies. When the facts of the scene is telling us contrary we sometimes lie to ourselves that it is still true that actor never dies, and when scene after scene it is obvious this particular actor is dead, we console ourselves automatically that “it is only a film after all”.

Actor never dies and so also gods don’t die. This does not tally with the fact that the Son of the Most High God, God himself died. It is unthinkable because it is impossible. Maybe actors do die, but God doesn’t. God doesn’t die because God shouldn’t die.

Our hero worshipping minds can’t have anything to do with a God that dies. Even our religious mind don’t want to deal with the unthinkable fact of a God who died. We will rather gloss over it and only rejoice in the fact that He is alive. Glory, hallelujah, He is alive, but He died.

We don’t want to see Him represented as still hanging on the cross. That cross should be empty, we often desire it of all those pictures and images. As much as we will like the cross to be empty, it once was holding the Son of God. As much as we will like to glory over the fact that He died and rose again, the glory won’t be complete without the fact that “He died”.

HE DIED. This actor died. This God died. I mean GOD died.

What’s the point of emphasizing what is known by many and disbelieved by others?

It is important to have it deeply seated in our mind that God died not for any other reason but for understanding that it is through that singular event that we now live. We want to hear live and live alone. We confess it “I shall live and not die”. Beautiful words, powerful sentence, and we should say it more often but we must remember that the God who died called us to live by also dying.

This is the point where we must emphasize the fact of His death. He died so we can live also by dying.

We want to be actors who don’t die, but sorry we are called to die so we can live.

Notice that God died but is not dead. If we understand the importance of His death this way and believe it likewise it gives us hope that even though we can die, we are not dead. He is God of the living not of the dead.

I live because of His death and I die daily because He is alive.

God cannot be fully alive in a man who has not died. He is not living in dead men but dying men. I die daily.

The event of God’s death is important for me more than I can describe. If I were to be alive at the time, I might be jesting at the sight of His crucifixion while I should be mourning because blessed are those who mourn because they shall be comforted.

It is His death that opened way for me to really mourn and then He lives so I’m comforted. 

If He did not resurrect, I will still be dead in my sins, but then, He died first before resurrection. You see His death is important.

Nothing about God is a waste. No simple thing He does is worthless or Purposeless. His birth is significant, His time on earth is significant, His death is significant and so also His Resurrection. Everything God is significant. 

I will be missing a lot by just jumping from His birth to His resurrection. While it is hard to overemphasize the birth and the resurrection of the Son of God it is quite easy to underemphasize His passion and death. It is simple why we sometimes don’t talk about death and pain. Death is about the most painful event to man because to us it is more or less an eternal separation from the familiar. We don’t want to talk about death, it is hard. We don’t want to talk about the death of God because it is harder. It is harder because it is unthinkable and Impossible.

Well this actor died and we are to live with it. No pun intended. We must live with that fact. We cannot live without the fact that He died. Anyone who will live MUST live because of the fact not beside the fact. This is the reason why we must stop glossing over the death of the Savior. To gain life we must die. Jesus did it and everyone who must live must do same.

I have come to call this part of the Gospel, “the not so good “good news””. The good part of that hard part is that Jesus did so we don’t do it the hard way, but we have to do it nonetheless. This will be hard to understand without understanding what it means to die daily. 

The meaning of dying daily is to me in the light of what Jesus told Peter “Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go.” John 21:18. No Christian does what s/he likes, Christians do what The Christ likes. This is the Gospel of Life through Death. It is the gospel truth.

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