When one reflects on the powerful ministry of the great evangelist, Timothy Oluwole Obadare, one is left to wonder about the biggest irony of it all. How could a man, who performed many amazing miracles, remain blind? How could he have given sight to the hopelessly impaired without doing so for himself?

In Europe, George Matheson was also a great preacher who could not see. In fact, he died in that state. If only for all his labour for the Lord, he deserved to be healed.

Going back much further, Timothy, that young man of God comes to mind. He had certain constant infirmities and apparently did not receive divine healing. Even apostle Paul, who had seen people healed from handkerchiefs and aprons that touched his body1, could do nothing more than dispense wise counsel to his spiritual son2. Of course, he himself had ‘a thorn in his flesh’, which would not be taken away3.

So, why were these ‘physicians’ unable to heal themselves? Well, maybe because they were no physicians after all. In truth, the real physician is the Lord, and He is sovereign. He rules and overrules.
It is consequently instructive, for believers to realize that even though there is an abundance of promises in the scripture, there could be exceptions – as occasioned by His will, His pleasure, and sovereignty. In the face of these, all provisions and privileges of power, faith, promises, gifts and gratification – even as given by Him – must submit! The three Hebrew lads, in saying to the world power of their day: ‘the God we serve is able to save us… and He will rescue us …But even if He does not…’4 demonstrated a balanced understanding of the ways of God.

Unlike these people, some of us complain of lack of testimony when He instructs to carry out a task. How can an asthmatic pray for another asthmatic, we query? How can a childless couple pray for barren couples? And in such manner, we continue and eventually thrust ourselves out of what He wants to do.

Both believers and skeptics alike must always remember that God is sovereign and always reserves the prerogative to act whenever and however He chooses. That is what makes Him God; otherwise, he would be man! Sometimes, in acting as in the case of Obadare, He makes it obvious that all the glory should be His. In fact, He does so, to prove His irrepressible strength in our weakness. As such, we must cease to look at our obvious – if ironical – infirmity, when the Lord gives an assignment. Rather, we ought to obey.

Nevertheless, recognising God’s sovereignty should not debar us from pressing into His promises. We ought to pray fervently and unceasingly for His touch; act in faith; trust Him wholeheartedly and be expectant – even if it will last a lifetime!

No doubt, we may not comprehend everything; however, one thing is certain, if Obadare could heal the blind, then the sick can heal the sick!

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Ogaga Eruteya is passionate about serving God and humanity. He believes people ought to be the best God wants them to be. He writes from Oyo, Nigeria.

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