​The Tragic Absence of Life

Everyone needs Jesus Christ, but everyone doesn’t want Him.
Everyone breathes air and we hardly notice, but when we are underwater, or with a breathing disorder like an asthma attack, we suddenly appreciate air more. Our appreciation doesn’t usually come with words of acknowledgement but by gasping and panting.
This is how much we need air and so much more we need Jesus Christ.
Many claim that they don’t want to have anything to do with religion, or bluntly state they don’t want to be a Jesus’ freak but that claim is laughable and really impossible. While we may not think much of how people who make such claims sound, I think they sound like someone talking through their noses and shouting “I don’t need air”. Funny isn’t it? Well it is not. These individuals are not clowns but they probably are ignorant. Some of them are highly educated and intelligent, but probably ignorant all the same. They are probably ignorant of the fact that if the earth were not real, would they have been able to live in it? Yet the earth exists in the person of Jesus, therefore to say “I don’t need Jesus” is similar to saying “I want to exist but I don’t want the earth”. You might be tired of living on earth and you could have considered the opportunity of being one of the first colonialist of Mars, that’s good, except that it is not good enough to escape Jesus. Not only is the earth existing in Jesus, everything there is exists in Him.
Let’s bring this closer home. It is tragic that we have a choice in what is obviously not an optional thing. What made it more tragic is also the fact that the opposite of life is not exactly death. You could decide against accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour and  you will still be breathing, why you don’t die is because you rejected life and embraced condemnation (this is more closer to opposite of life than death. The opposite of life is absence of life. Death can be a symptom of absence of life where absence of life is the diseased condition. That someone has not died doesn’t mean they have life. This is the Reason why many people can easily claim independence of Jesus.
It is easier to kill oneself by holding one’s breath than to claim life independent of Jesus Christ. Both are impossible right? Yes they are. The reason you are apparently alive despite your being free of Jesus is because the opposite of life is not death.

Everyone of us was born dead and the tragedy is that many never get to live life throughout their time on earth.

I’m telling you this with every sense of seriousnes; “if you do not have Jesus Christ and you think you are enjoying, what you are enjoying is not life but absence of life.”
Many people have reached and are ‘enjoying’ what I call “Celebrity sinner” status. What this means is that they are no longer scared of the consequences of their misdeeds and wickedness. The ‘gospel’ of “you will die” no longer touches them (well this shouldn’t touch us too because it is true “we will die”) because they have seen both the wicked and the righteous die and have been emboldened to live by the gun and to willingly die by same (or whatever the symbol of their wickedness is).

This celebrity sinners should know that what comes after 600 is more than 700 and what comes as consequence of sin is not ultimately death, at least not the way we have come to reckon death. Death as we reckon it is more or less an occasion which many will never be alive to witness (don’t bother about the pun). Only few persons will be aware of their depature.
What the celebrity sinners and the unrepentant sinners have not learned is that what they are hurriedly and haplessly approaching like any event is what apparently got God ‘scared’ enough to temporarily lose His one and only Son. What God saw and knew that made Him gave His only begotten Son is beyond the occasion of death and if it were so Jesus would have stated it as such but rather He stated it this way: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life(John 3:16).” What this means is that if the opposite of life were to be death, the rendering should be like so “that whoever believes in Him should not have everlasting death but have everlasting life”. Conceptually, perishing may mean everlasting death but it must be made clear that death as we know it is too cheap to be the consequence of wickedness because it is an ‘event’ that overtakes both the wicked and the righteous.
Perishing or “everlasting death” is essentially eternal separation from God. God is the source of Life without whom nothing can exist, the devil cannot even ‘live’ without Him and because humans are the only set of creations with the semblance of life, the devil is dependent on us to keep ‘living’. Now pay attention: There is a future so near that God ‘is afraid’ to allow mortals experience it that He weighed His options and found out that Jesus dying to give an option and a way of escape from that future is more affordable than for a man to “perish”.
For anyone not to pay attention to what Jesus is saying when He said “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” is to be dancing where angels fear to tread. To wave off “perishing” as just another “dying” experience is to be perilously naive. Just to think that anyone will find ‘sleep’ and ‘death’ similar sounds absurd howbeit pardonable compares to the person who thinks the occasion of death is one and the same with the concept of “everlasting death” which because of the limitation of brevity of human life we cannot yet fathom. This one thing I know, “Everlasting death is so important that God died so we can escape it”. That to me is enough reason to escape perishing by all means except that the ‘all means’ is limited to “believing in the only begotten-Son of God.

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