Drenched, but Loved

Some days ago, I found myself looking for an hiding place from clouds that was sending a scornful look to us. Everyone got the message. It wasn’t going to rain cats and dogs, but elephants and gorillas. The market places went dry within minutes.

I wasn’t willing to be drenched as I was carrying some important documents in my bag and I was willing to go to any extent to protect them. I got a place to hide my bag though, my feet wasn’t safe from the arrows of the heavens.

It wasn’t long before the rain subsided and a lot of people rushed out of their hiding place to get a taxi. The crowd was close to mammoth and the available taxis were not encouraging. The struggles that greeted the taxis was nothing less the attempt of warriors fighting to gain the favour of the king to be the suitor for his only princess.

I stood for some minutes, utterly hopeless. Then I resulted to trekking in my soaked shoe. As I moved ahead, I asked the LORD to provide a taxi for me. I knew that God is beautiful for all situations and no condition is too small or irrelevant for Him to help.

As I walked a few meters, I saw a parked taxi that no one was interested in because there was no driver. When I got to the side, the driver suddenly came out of a house and announced that he is going to the very junction that am going to. It was very pleasant. Despite the crowd all around, I entered the taxi without any pushing or pulling.

Sitting in the taxi, I thanked the LORD for the provision and a lady entered, but the driver would not allow her because she doesn’t have small denominations. She stepped out in a dejected manner but, I asked her to enter. She couldn’t see my face, but she was also pleasantly surprised at the provision.

The echoes of love you get from the LORD should not end with you.

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