“Victory is a daily affair”

Susan sat behind her bed side desk apparently lost in meditation. Today made it exactly two weeks since she gained victory over masturbation. These two weeks had been full of bliss, guiltlessness and unhindered fellowship with God, and her starry eyes and brightly lit face lent credence to the joy that radiated from within. As she recounted the days gone past, she momentarily remembered how long the struggle with masturbation had lasted; the many failed attempts she had experienced along the way to victory and felt elated and thankful to God for His help. On the other hand, she wondered how long her victory would last. How long could she keep up with this victory? She worried. She felt unnerved as her excitement of victory quickly gave way to fear. Just then, she heard the still small voice; very quiet, yet reassuring within her: Victory is a daily affair. As she contemplated those words, the bright countenance returned. She was again strengthened and proceeded to search the opened bible before her.

Daily Battle: Daily feats of Victory

We find ourselves inadvertently enlisted into the multifaceted battlefield of life. In it, we are confronted with unflinching battles refusing to discriminate on the precincts of age, gender, class, social status, faith, belief, religion, income or even educational status. These battles range from addiction to sinful habits, to financial challenges as well as health and educational challenges; and a host of others. Yet, we must survive these battles. If so, our singular, most advantageous response must be that of victory. But, like Susan, we entertain and are sometimes overcome by fear. And even when on the verge of victory, the fear of future failures keeps us in perpetual subjection to the cold clutches of these challenges. Know today, that victory is a daily affair. The axiom that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, also holds true for a lifetime of consistent victory over life’s battles. This is a collection of daily feats of victory. Little wonder, the Lord Jesus Himself admonished us to take up our cross daily and to follow Him (Luke 9:23). Among the many wondrous things that the cross of Christ represents is Victory. So, you can and should ideally take up your cross of victory daily and navigate your way through the challenges that confront you daily. Take your Christ-given victory in your hands/hearts and colour your everyday.

Poised daily for victory

Let us take a cue from the earth’s existence. We understand that each day is such that begins with the break of dawn and ushers in newness. That it was a rainy day yesterday for instance, is not a precursor for another rainy day today; neither is the sunny day of yesterday preclusion for another sunny day today.  Each day arrives in its own rights, bearing distinct features as determined by God. This is very instructive for our walk of victory.  We wake up to a clean slate of every new day as it were, and begin to colour our slates by our thoughts, word, actions and inactions. It becomes imperative therefore that daily, our thoughts, words and actions are aligned in such a way as to foster victory (Philippians 4:8; Proverbs 4:23). Renewing the mind with God’s word is the only way to ensure this. It takes a renewed mind to see and speak of a lifting up when there is a casting down; to crave all the more for God than it ever craves for sin; and to speak words seasoned with grace when all around, there is perversion and profanity.

Forget yesterday’s victory, fight to win today

In like manner, God makes available renewed strength for every new day. He daily loads us with benefits (Psalm 68:19). Thus, it is to our advantage that we recognize and harness God’s available strength for our daily victorious sojourn over that battle, whatever its nature. That you made it through yesterday with victory over a challenge does not automatically guarantee victory today especially if you become lackadaisical. What it does guarantee or reveal is potential to continue overcoming the challenge. Quit relying on, and recounting past victories rather, determine to continually assert your God-given victory on a daily basis. Like Apostle Paul said, forget the victories or failures of yesterday and face today and every new day squarely looking forward to the victories of the day (Philippians 3:13).

Fight from victory for more victory

What’s more? For the believer in Christ, victory is already won and declared (2 Corinthians 2:14). The onus lies with us to walk in our God-given victory. There is already provision in God’s word to sustain us in victory daily (2 Peter 1:3; 1 Peter 1:5). We must study God’s word and pray consistently. There are no substitutes for these in our walk of victory. See, Gods word answers to anything and everything; it is transcendental and never comes under in any situation. It is superior in effect over every other books, and it infuses in its ardent disciples, a transformation of mind so formidable that it is a wonder to the earth.

Who then is this daily walk of victory assured for? The believer: that person who has come to understand, believe and know the Winner and Giver of all victories – Jesus. That person who lives daily with a consciousness of God’s existence and conducts his life in accordance to His dictates. He is assured of victory in this life and in the life hereafter (1 Timothy 4:8). Victorious people stand out of the crowd. They defy the band wagon effect all the time, and occupy a class of their own. They are usually contrary to the prevailing negative atmospheres that surround them. What can you do to join in? Accept the Lord Jesus into your life right now and you can begin your daily walk of victory.

Flowergirl wrote from somewhere in Nigeria.

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