Ancient Words


Ancient Words: My Testimony

The date is sometime in September of the year 2009.

I have had 2 major surgical operations in quick succession and I have lost my consciousness for most of the time.

Losing consciousness is a blessing though, because I didn’t have to feel too much pain. But by the time I fully regained my consciousness (call it awareness and you won’t be wrong) in November, I had lost some of my memory. For example, I knew some acquaintances and course mates by face but had forgotten how we met or where we met or who they are.

When I became stable enough to return to living on my own, one of my flat mates, played a song that brought back my lost memory.

When I was hearing the song and the music, it was the first time in my consciousness that I was hearing the song, but something sounded so familiar and couldn’t let the song pass. It was when I was pondering on why the song is so familiar, despite the fact that I am hearing it consciously for the first time that December that I remembered that one of the brethren played me that song while I laid delirious on the hospital bed.

Without that song, probably that part of my memory that was lost would have been lost forever or would have come back later than it came.

The song, Ancient Word, preserved my memory, it probably would have been another song, but it is important to note that the song eulogizes the Word of God and this seems to follow the principle that any song based on the word of God, NO MATTER THERE GENRE, BUT BASED ON GODLY DOCTRINE will “resound wherever we roam” in this world. My prayer is that “Oh let the faithful Word impart” understanding and that just like in the vehicle of music songs and words come alive, may our assessment of godliness in music come alive through the vehicle of love.

This is the lyrics of the song here.


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