Acts 18:24-28

When I see a believer, many years old in the faith, searching for Philemon in the old testament, I remember Apollos and my heart bleeds.


Apollos was a Jew born in Egypt in the city of Alexandria, as at the time of his birth there are only three places where scriptures can be found, they are

  1. In a public library,
  2. In the private library of the wealthy, and in
  3. The synagogues.

Apollos only had two likely contact points with the scriptures, the synagogue and the public library. In his days at Alexandria, there was a library built by Ptolemy II that had Demetrius of Phalerum as the chief librarian. This library had over half a million books in it including the Septuagint – the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures….. In a nut shell, Apollos never had a personal copy of the scriptures as his own yet the bible says he is competent in the scriptures, so competent was he that he could show Jesus as the Christ by the scriptures; what a testimony.

Instructed and Fervent

For a man to be competent in a scripture he never had a personal copy of, there must be a secret, and this is it; he had been INSTRUCTED in the way of the Lord and he is FERVENT in spirit, just as it is in all fields, competence is a function of instructions which is why we have institutions where we can receive instructions and personal fervency of the students which is the reason for the difference in the level of competence. To be competent one has to be instructed and be fervent.

How can I win a soul for Christ when I’m not competent in the scriptures, our incompetence is the reason for our barrenness despite being in Christ, this is the reason why a branch can be planted in the best vineyard of all – the kingdom, attached to the best vine of all – Christ and owned by the best vine keeper of all – God and still be barren.(See john 15:2).

The reason why we lack all manner of kingdom fruits is not the devil, it is incompetence in the scriptures.

The scriptures that Apollos was said to be fervent in was the old testament not even the new, I’m amazed at the attitude of some believers to the old testament, they think it’s now irrelevant because we now have the new, but do they realize that all those who preached about Christ in the new testament took their text from the old testaments? The epistles was but a revelation of Jesus in the old testament by the Holy Spirit, the new testament is the old testament explained.

I tell you a truth


Christ preached himself from the old testament, the disciples and apostles preached Him from the old testament, so what is your own that you make light of the scriptures. Every where you see the scriptures in the bible, it means the old testament, prove otherwise. The scriptures is God’s means of making Christ known, Romans 1:1-3, 16:26, 2 Tim 3:15, Gal 3:8, 1Cor 15:3, Acts 18:28, 8:35, John 19:28, 7:38, 5:39, Luke 24:27, 32, 45. Let’s go back to the scripture to see Jesus, The Christ.

We cannot know less than Christ and not be a barren Christian neither can we know lesser than the saints of old and bear fruits. The scriptures is nothing but the Old Testament, the New Testament say so.

Let me know if this blessed you. Jesus is Christ.

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