He was raised a spiritually-sensitive saint with a servant heart

Biblically sound and sanely spiritual

Passionate about Kingdom righteousness

A committed disciple of the narrow way

Uncompromising and firm-footed after the Lord.

Then he was anointed and grace and glory came booming

Then followed the glamorous blessings that with anointing come blossoming

Accolades and awards here and there

Followed by fame, finance and unwholesome fun

Then a gravitational force set in…and unknowingly

Heart becoming smaller,  head became bigger

A little here! A little there, now missing the balance.

Then a little slip, but ’twas glossed over

Then the slip became a style

It soon turned to a shackle.

So soon the conscience became seared.

With that, a once responsive became rebellious

Without a room for repentance and returning.

Revenue keeps coming without righteousness

‘Anointing’ flowing without divine connection

Access and acceptance everywhere amongst men

Opportunities and open door here and there…

Then it’s so hard to pause and reflect

If at all anything is wrong.

So much is wrong, so much?

Nay! Everything is now wrong!

The trumpet call is that of:

Return to Zion

Back to Bethel

Back to Gilgal

Back to the Calvary

Back to the Upper Room.

Shall we return…

“Lord, please lead us back to Yourself in righteousness ”

Olubunmi Obalade,

4th April, 2017

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