Behold, I Come Quickly Part 2

Minister: Bro. Mohammed Jibril (Phd)

 BE PREPAREDJesus’ coming is no longer a news

Jesus has equated us with himself that we might be where he is and that when he shall appear we shall be like him

It is an unfortunate generation where the difference between Christian life and ordinary life is no longer clear.

The summary of this conference is to say again what has been said: “Behold I come QUICKLY”

If you miss Jesus at his coming all you have acquired in His name is a waste.

 Through Jesus and by Him you can receive all you needed or want to receive but you can still miss Him. You don’t need to follow Jesus for all He said to work for you but you must follow Him if you must reign with Him.

Don’t be angry when men refused to heed the call to holiness and righteousness, they are only obeying the instruction in Revelation 22:11

Impurity is deceptive. You can be impure without knowing. It is like adding water to sprite: no change in color, but it is no longer the same drink

You must authenticate every “miracle” as from God. God is good all the time, but it is not all the time that “good” is God.


Behold = to look strongly and study and keep in view.

A man who does not see things through and through is a careless man.

“Behold”, what for?


If Jesus is to return the way He came, are we not going to miss Him?

It is the reality of the tendencies of distraction that makes it necessary that you have to “BEHOLD”.

 GNT   Matthew 6:32

32 (These are the things the pagans are always concerned about.) Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things.

Deceptions are distractions. Take heed lest man deceive you.

Foolishness has continued in church because we don’t think, we don’t “BEHOLD”.

Unfortunate generation loves what Christ gives and not His life. “Behold” it


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