Behold, I Come Quickly

Minister: Bro Danjuma

He will soon be here.


Every predicted signs has been fulfilled safe one.

Rev. 22:11 has the feel, God is tired of begging man to be holy.

The scripture is filled with proofs that he is sure to come.

Our present body will decay to give room for that which can stand before God

we are in the days of violence: the wicked do not rest until the innocents have been destroyed. The wicked believes he is doing service to God.

This and many more signs are telling us that He is surely coming, and that this coming is near. The increase of sin in the body of Christ is one of the signs of his coming.

His coming shall not be a secret one.

You do not deserve to miss it.

God does not want anyone to miss out on His coming.

Whatever will make any Christian to miss out on Christ’s coming is not unknown to the person.

The bridegroom will not be waiting for anyone. Wisdom demands that you be prepared.

After all is said and done, the sobering thought is that we still may miss it.

If I did all that could be done and missed heaven, then I have done nothing.

Be Prepared.

Isn’t it a sheer foolishness to consciously do what will jeopardize every preparation for His appearance?

You must not miss it.

The difference between the wise and the foolish virgins is their priority.

The foolish prioritize on the lamp. The category of people who believe in what is easily seen and disregards the state of their heart. This category sadly, happens to be the majority.

The foolish do not have the eyesight of God; they do not regard what God highly esteem.

There are many who are well decorated with the paraphernalia of Christian life but lacks the life of Christ: The Fools

They took no oil with them.

What is the oil?

Whatsoever will not keep you sharp or sets you on edge when it pertains to sin, is not oil

The oil is of the essence to the believer.

To be known is not to be confused with the presence of oil

Our looks should not be confused with oil.

What are the loopholes in your life, that are leaking the oil God is laboring to put in you? Deal With Them OR…

The time of His appearing will be too late to seek this oil. NOW is the time to BE PREPARED.

The Bridegroom is the one who has the Key of David, once He shut the door of the Kingdom, no amount of crying can open.

Destiny is per head. It is your life, live it. It is your sin, confess it.

Give me oil in my lamp

Keep it burning

Till the end of days


Hold my hands dear Lord

Hold my hands

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