Call to Reason!

Can’t stop laughing at us, yes us…The Nigerian youth that wants to make a change and has never read a single chapter of the Nigerian constitution in his life. We must be joking.
How will there be a positive impact when in the selection of leaders work experience does not matter but does in the recruitment of workers. One inexperienced leader, leading many experienced workers will lead to no where but hell.
We know everything but the constitution with which we are ruled, can we escape being robbed we who have our mouth open but our eyes closed.
For a  monthly salary of 50k you need 5years work experience, how many years of experience should he have who will rule the whole Nation. Just asking o.
Ever heard of the Nigerian civil war, what do you know about it?…Nothing?
Then I suggest you keep quiet about some things. One who knows not even a part of the past will never understand the present nor the future.

Many of what we now see, have their root in more than 50years ago..I think common sense demands silence to learn and know than desire to speak and be heard, for a knot that took 50years to tie cannot be untied in 5days by a 5year old blind boy.
Over 20years ago, we used to sing that we are the leaders of tomorrow, 20years to come, we will still be the leaders of tomorrow as long as today we know more about Nollywood than the duties of the National Assembly.

To be a good manager of the present and a great maker of the future, one must be a diligent student of the past. If we remain as Knowledgeable as we now are, we will make a positive impact as surely as a man will climb to heaven with a rope of dust.

Let’s face it; 

to dupe successfully, one must be smart, and to be duped successfully, one must be stupid… 

The making of ‘hell’ requires ignoble leaders and ignorant followers. 

We all are what is wrong with us.

Corruption and ignorance are stems of our problems, the root is unuse of common sense.

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