Call to Service: The Call to Abide

Minister: Pastor James Akinyele

God don’t gamble with our lives.



YOU WON’T BE AS LUCKY. DON’T DARE IT. (You know what it is you do on camp)

When something is qualified with “The True”, it supposes the possibility of “the false”.

Any institution or individual who presents itself as an alternative to God, is a disaster to your future.

What did you do with Jesus is what will count for all of eternity.

You live your life as if it’s yours, is it really your life?

If you want your life to make sense at all, it must be in relationship with (The Vine) God.

Relax! You are Secure

You cannot touch the branch without touching the vine.

Your welfare is secure. The Vine is not limited and He holds you.

This Vine-Branch is a relationship and responsibility

God’s economy does not allow wastage: Produce fruit or Burn

The world programs us for results but God program us for fruits.

Fruit is a by-product of relationship

The primary function of branch is to bear fruit.

In the Kingdom, we draw nourishment from God to bear fruit for others

In the world you get what you need from others to acquire things for yourself.

God’s intention is never to USE human being. He prefers to MAKE people

Any miracle that indulges you is a magic waiting to destroy you

You were nurtured by God to become answers to people’s problem

If you nurture your relationship with Jesus, He will make you productive.

Do not position yourself among people going nowhere.

You are not brought here to fail nor fall.

you are here that you may stand tall

You can’t stand alone

but with Jesus and you

standing as one

You will surely stand fast


My life is to be lived not wasted.

This one year

I will not be counted as dung;

I will count to God


I’m a tree planted beside streams of water

I will bear fruit.


If indeed you have repented and are converted, You are now accepted in the Beloved. “Welcome Home”.

On this camp, is a raging battle.

Many have fallen on this ground you now walk. Will you stand or fall?

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