Cast your Burdens

CARRYING YOUR BURDEN IS NOT A SIGN OF RESPONSIBILITY OR MATURITY; IT IS SIMPLY A SHOW OF IGNORANCE AND OF A DECISION TO DIE YOUNG. God will never take up what man is supposed to do or what man can do, if we can handle our burdens God would never have offered to carry it for us, if God has given us the ability to carry it He wouldn’t have told us to cast it on Him; OUR BURDEN IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE CARRIED, IT IS MEANT TO BE CASTED.
The burdens of a sheep is for the Shepherd to carry, the burdens of a building is for the builder to carry, the burdens of a garden is for the Gardner to carry, the burdens of a son is for the father to carry, the burden of a branch is for the root to carry and the burdens of the body is for the head to carry. We are God’s sheep, building, garden, son, branch and body; Now do we see why He said to cast our burdens on Him and why we have to do just that? Can a building build itself? Can a garden tend itself? Can a branch nourish itself? So, why do you make your burden your luggage?
Let’s see how to recognize someone who is carrying his own burden: Ever carried a heavy load before, Do you remember how it feels? That’s exactly how it feels when one is carrying his own burden. One is weighed down, slowed down and pressurized. Whatever we remember that makes us sigh, cry, depressed, regret and so on shows the burden we are yet to cast on God. Whenever we cast our burden on God, the first sign is peace, peace inexplicable.
Want to cast your burdens on God? Then pray and pray again until His peace guards your heart. Amen.

Culled from 1Peter 5:7.

Afolabi Hezekiah Abiola is a Christian based in Oyo state who enjoys meditating on God’s word and engaging the results of his meditation… He is called to bring the wisdom and power of God to men through the communication of the word of God, this he does through his writings and talks.

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