Dear Lord, Leave Me with the BIG Problems.

Dear Lord,

Leave me with the BIG problems. They are big enough a target that I will not miss however clumsy I am. I can handle the BIG problems, they are ‘handy’ anyway, it is the small problems I’m afraid of. If BIG troubles weigh me down about everyone will understand and be sympathetic, but with small ones it is another ball game. People will mock me and the small problems will multiply.

There is a good reason for your name “Ancient of Days”, I know you were there when I was just a little baby left alone among the brushes of the Nile, excuse me sir, that was you stepping in on a BIG problem. But my opinion is that I could as well handle that. Thanks by the way, but let me tell you how we should have shared the responsibility. You noticed the way I dealt with the guy that was unfair to my kinsman? That’s a small issue, you should take care of that and this is why: It was a small issue when I threw down the tablet, It was a small issue handling such a crowd of incorrigible individuals, it was also a small thing when I struck the rock that I came to realize to be YOU. You know what, I am still having those small issues today but I do not want the repeat of history, Father take over. You can leave me with the directorate of the ten plagues and the BIG business of bridging a sea under twenty-four hours, did not brother David say with you we shall do valiantly?

Like the gestational period of an elephant, it can take forever for a BIG problem to duplicate itself, only that in a few days like the gestational period of mice, small problems multiply. I am only one entity and a BIG problem another singular entity. BIG problems can look intimidating but intimidation I will surely not condone. I will summon courage and let my sling fly knowing that the stone will hit the giant. Maybe not the forehead but surely its big chest. I am not afraid of Goliaths, they are very rare I may not even have one to fight in a lifetime, but O God don’t leave me alone in a corner with Bathshebas, those ones I meet everyday.

Oh Lord, do not worry about how I will handle the contest of the Gods. The prophets of the no-god gods might be thirty and two less than three gross while I am just three men short of four, I am too confident that only the True God will send down fire. Dear God, I am not afraid to stand alone with you in that case, It is when an innocently looking woman, a queen insists that I fall that I need you in a VERY BIG way. I am a man and should not be afraid of a woman, but then that is when I am afraid. It is a small trouble and that is why you have to handle it.

Do not be bothered about the BIG brothers around me, you can keep doing whatever it is you have been doing when so called brothers betray me and cast me off in a pit all by myself. My God, you can look the other way when I am sold to men whose language I do not understand. Do not worry God, if men use all their resources to oppress me and use their position to deny me justice. You can in fact ignore me when I am cheated and unjustly punished for offences I did not commit. My tears and clenched fist should avail for me in those instances, but dear God take note of this: I am not afraid of POWERFUL MEN, it is the weak women that you must save me from.

How easy is it for a man to walk on water? I think it is not so easy. Because it is DIFFICULT, leave walking on water for me. I will handle it. How easy is it to see and talk? Very easy. Now dear Father, is when I need you. I need you now that I see visions, dream dreams and catch revelations, you need to come to my rescue now that I have things to say. I can see you transfigured, I can perceive that you are the Son of God and how I easily can tell that there is no one else to go to except to you who has the Word of Life. This easy things are the things you must handle for me, because if you do not I can as easily say under oath “I do not know the man”. Leave me with the guns and leave me with the swords, they are POWERFUL but leave me with them nonetheless. I can as well live by those and die by them but it is in the one hour of watching that I need you. I will live with an ear cut as simply as living with haircut. Dear God, do not worry that the ear cut could have been a head cut I should be able to bear my own. Dear God when the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, and that is a simple thing that happens about every time, that is when I need you so closely.

I have been told how I can always come to you and pour my heart out before your throne, but then I think why should the King, the maker of the ends of the omniverse be disturbed by a poor boy like me? Since I must write to tell you how I feel, just thumb through and ignore every BIG word in here (except when it relates to you), and look closely at the small ones. Dear God, I know you know all things and you will know that anything BIG that is not YOU can be ignored, so do well to ignore the BIG items noted here and focus fully on the small ones. Leave the BIG ones for me to handle, kindly take care of the small ones before they overrun me!

Your boy.

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