“Quitters don’t win (obviously) and winners didn’t quit. What’s not obvious is if you are a quitting winner. #DontGiveUp.”

Don’t give up and don’t look back.

There are many things you can do and repent from doing and it will not matter. There are many things you can start and subsequently stop that will really not matter.

You are in a relationship and you decided to pull out and it may not really matter in view of eternity for you might have stayed and the relationship would have worked out fine, but you didn’t and moved on. It still may not matter in view of eternity whichever way you go.

There are some few things that you start and it will be in your interest that you don’t give up. You may do several things and you are at liberty to decide on going back or continue but when it comes to the Kingdom and its righteousness, you are strongly advised to never look back.

There are still some minor things and decisions you will make which don’t matter eternally but God cares about. It really doesn’t save you and doesn’t withdraw your salvation but God wants you to know that He cares and will like you to know “Don’t give up”.

Habits are actions we repeatedly do. If you have formed the habit of quitting on things that are insignificant you may compromise and give up on what is significant.

God does not want you to form that habit so He asks you to keep asking, keep knocking and keep searching for in due time those who ask receive and those who knocked to them the door will be opened and for those who searched, what they sought will be delivered to them.

Repeatedly asking a thing may look like nagging, but carefully studied it is a sign of faith and hope. God wants you to know that if you are asking Him for something, more than receiving a yes or no, you learn how to seek him and to wait for him as your highest desire. It is an element of faith when you keep asking. Jesus was bothered about meeting faith on earth on his return simply due to the issue of perseverance in prayer.

When you repeatedly ask something of God, when you keep doing something with hope that God will someday help you then God will know that you have faith. If this is your reality, don’t give up. God will someday come and honor your faith.

Don’t look back.

Luke 9:62 Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back [to the things behind] is fit for the kingdom of God.

People who look back look back at former things, events in the past. Looking back here is not like turning back as in repenting. You don’t keep looking at your former life whether good or bad and want to live well the life you now have. Jesus says that action will make you unfit for the Kingdom of God.

You are holding on to something in expectation for something new so your business is not in the good old days but for the new thing in the future.

Your speed is minimal if your eyes are glued to the rear mirror. Your focus in life is supposed to be through the windshield and not the rear mirror. Our acceleration in life is hampered because of our overt attention on the rear mirror of life. We keep looking back. The rear mirror has a purpose, to guide us howbeit minimally safely into the future, but if we turn it into our focus we will be relegated to the past.

Those who focused on the past hardly make it into the future. If they do make it into the future it will be later than expected and with scratches. So don’t look back.

Revelation 3:11 I am coming soon! Hold on to what you have so that no one takes your crown.

Do you now have Jesus Christ, have you learned patience in Christ Jesus? Don’t give him up, don’t look back on the training of righteousness. Hold on. Hold on tightly what you now have.

You and I should be afraid of giving up, because we may do it too soon. Someone starts a business in which she already decided to get out of business by April if there’s nothing much to show for it. She didn’t even though there was nothing much to show for her effort, in fact she was spending more money than is necessary. It was not until August that she started receiving serious orders and with those, awards. What if she gave up in April? Don’t give up. Keep holding on.

For those of us who have believed in Jesus Christ and are running the race of becoming like Him, there is a crown awaiting us. If we don’t give up, we shall wear a crown. But if we let go, we will miss the crown but the crown won’t be idle or wasted.

There will be many who will (my thought) have extra crowns in heaven, not because they worked extra but because those who worked for the crowns gave up, looked back and didn’t hold tightly their place in the Kingdom of God. By looking back, they became unfit for the kingdom. I say to you and I say to myself, don’t give up.

Quitters don’t win (obviously) and winners didn’t quit. What’s not obvious is if you are a quitting winner. Don’t give up.

You see, there will be many things to give up and much pressure to give them up. Many of these things won’t matter whatever our choices are but whatever you give up, you cannot afford to give Jesus up. No matter what happens don’t give him up, don’t let him go.

I believe there will be something hotter and scarier than the fire of hell. It is the regret from the fact that you have knowledge of the way of escape but you didn’t take the way out. This will only be second to the worst regret of all: looking back after you have learned about the way of escape and you have actually walked in the way.

Don’t give up and don’t look back.




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