Excuse Your Excuses 

This is one advice I’m going to be taking a little more seriously. 

Excuses are reasonable and easy explanation for failure and I’m not giving in to that juicy temptation. 

I know you will understand, but that explanation will never be good enough for failing, in fact failure will not turn to success because of it. 

Excuses are juicy temptation and only the irresponsible get drunk by it. 

Excuses can easily be given without us looking irresponsible, in fact people we are giving excuses to may empathize with us without knowing they are assenting to our irresponsibility. 
The reason most of us readily accept excuses is because they reflect the kind of excuses we will give if we were them.
Excuses are often reasonable and that is the undoing of us all. Because it is reasonable our reason is swayed towards that which it can easily relate, therefore we give and take excuses without considering its effects on us.
Excuses are juicy temptation. Drink responsibly.

Never give an excuse. If that’s a hard advice, don’t give the same excuse twice. 

Do something different. 

Make up for the lost time. 

Let your yes be yes and your no, no. 

Be consistent. 

Don’t know whether this is proper: under-promise but over-deliver.
Give a positive surprise and a pleasant disappointment. People are aware of pleasant surprises, but you should give a pleasant disappointment sometimes. Where you are already excused, excuse their excuses and show up where they thought you couldn’t. Win, and win against all odds. 
Don’t give that excuse. Do all you can so that you will not have to work hard at giving a tenable excuse. Remember that your best excuse will not turn a failure to success.
There are at least two spiritual implications of excuses:

  1. Devil will rather have us giving the excuses than get things done. 
  2. God doesn’t need our excuses. He only wants us to trust Him.

There’s a strong connection between unbelief and giving of excuses. If we trust God, we will excuse our excuses and go ahead to obey Him. 

The reason devil will want us excusing our inactions is that it is a direct disobedience to God but of course obedience to himself, thus making us his subjects through fear. 

We may need to prove that we are indeed believers by excusing our excuses. 

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