The Hidden Thief: Familiarity!

The results that we get from our prayers depend on how much faith we have in God. These days, results have reduced so much that a lot of people are tired of church as they see it as a scam. The greatest condemnation of ministers of God in our time is the greatest in the entire history of the church.
This is simply because a lot of people feel dissatisfied with the services of the ministers which have not been producing results for them. Results in the kingdom is based on faith. Faith is subject that every believer must learn and keep learning. We must never stop learning about faith.

All these challenges of lack of faith can be due to a very subtle reason, familiarity. A lot of people have become familiar with what happens in the church that they no longer believe that the power of God can flow through those activities that they have seen since childhood.
Statements like “God bless you”, and ” It is well” have become normal to us that we don’t even realize that it is a prayer that can come with an enormous amount of the power of God to break yokes. Other statements like “Shout hallelujah” and “Praise the Lord” are considered to be a way to get the attention of the church during sermon.

An Apostle, Bill Hamon had an encounter with Jesus and Arch Angel Michael who taught him a way to war when he is facing opposition from the enemy. Michael told him to simply shout Hallelujah!

Familiarity has robbed us of the blessings of God many times. We fail to see God coming for us because He is coming in a familiar vessel. A lot of people can not receive God from their pastor because they are used to him. Worship time during church service is a great time to pipe down a lot of things from heaven.

We mustn’t be like the Nazarenes who were familiar with Jesus as thus, didn’t believe that He could heal them of their diseases. Do not be familiar with God. Always come hungry and receptive.

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