You think its only a space,

into which you unleash carbon dioxide

But series of conventions are ongoing And participants are wondering why you wont let them be

Youve never ceased to oppose them Since your brother gave your sister a fluid

Yes, everybody was happy

Even the enemies who lurked nearby But it was after you heard the news, that you graduated from ignorance Not long after you exchanged pleasantries, the morgue was receiving another statue

The perpetrators had been lying in wait in the perimeter of your hands Now you envelop them with rubber and latex, and much powder Hoping to see your grandchildren

But they show you from the petri dish, how unrelenting they are

You catch them dancing in your microscope

But those hands cant arrest them So you do so with your mind

But that’s all you could

For all your strength, you couldn’t lock them up

You say that’s what they deserve

They must face the music!

They must be brought to book!

They must face the wrath of the law! You kept ranting

Then the lord of the universe

Sees the agony in your folly

He comes while you slumber

And whispers to your stubborn ears Prevention, is still better than cure.

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