National Reorientation and Redirection

The change that starts from the top

I may never be a politician, and you may never live otherwise. You need to hear this from me before you become an active politician and if you already are in active politicking, then you need this urgently.

Many of our leaders have proposed different agenda all in the name of effecting an improved system of living and governance, they all meant well.

Meaning well for the country is a good place to start, but until something is done, it cannot be well done.

This is what I want done, a national reorientation and redirection of the thinking of the Nigerian leaders and opinion moulders. You will help me get it done.

I will be proposing some things that may not entirely be new. These thoughts might have at sometimes been shared with friends and among friends, not necessarily only my acquaintances. They might also have been stated in a referendum or might have crossed the mind of a few or mentioned as a passing thought in lectures and symposia, but this time something is being done about them.

These ideas may not solve all of our problems, they cannot solve all of our problems but if applied will go a long way in getting many of our national problems solved.

These ideas are not meant for the majority of the population and only less than half of the nation’s workforce should be concerned in the immediate. It is a proposal for change that starts from the top.

Unified Salary Scheme

First, this can be put up to a referendum.

Second, it is going to hurt.

Third, it is going to cut cost.

Fourth, it is fair and equitable.

Fifth, it will minimize corruption and expose corrupt officers too readily.

Sixth, it will easily separate the patriotic politician from the “business politician”; those who really want to impact positively using the tool of governance and those who want to enrich themselves at the cost of the nation.

This will have a far reaching effect on removing unhealthy rivalry in various industries and sectors, and will also reduce animosity between officers in different cadres.

I propose therefore a single salary structure for every public officer.

Hypothetically, the structure employs training and official needs to determining the salary of each officer. The structure works this way:

Officers with primary school leaving certificate on GL 1
officers with O’ level                                                         GL 2
officers with 2 years post-secondary school education GL 3
officers with 3 years post-secondary school education GL 4
officers with 4 years post-secondary school education GL 5
officers with 5 years post-secondary school education GL 6
officers with 5 years post-secondary school education with internship GL 7
officers with 6 years post-secondary school education with internship GL 8

Promotion shall be equally spaced, except for officers in GL 1 and GL 2 who will take more time to start getting promotion to the upper grades. The promotion should be such that 2 individuals who are friends with one starting work on GL 3 will with due diligence in 5 years be on the same level with the other, who is a medical doctor starting work on GL 8

Perks of office shall be restricted only to those needed for smooth running of office and efficient discharge of duties.

Political officers shall be placed on level corresponding with their education and the perks of office will be on the basis of that necessary for efficient discharge of duties.

Possible Challenges

Before you classify this as a utopic proposal, I want you to know that those who are earning much now will think it unfair to bring them down to the level of their subordinates. This does not have to be the way it goes, it can mean that the subordinates will be brought higher in earning power.

Who then will bell the cat? If indeed, the incumbent leaders and lawmakers are after change, they should start with themselves and implement this or sponsor a bill that will culminate in eventual reorientation and redirection.

In the event that the incumbent are not sincere about effecting a change that must start with them but us, then you as a budding politician should not say you do not know what you will do when you shall come to power. There is now a bill to sponsor, a motion to vote for and a law to be signed.

Joseph Babatunde Adegboye
Osogbo, Osun State.


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