God Deserves a Query

About 6 years ago, I just became an executive in my fellowship and we were having series of meetings to prepare the new set of leaders. In my subgroup, that I would be heading, some amount of money had been handed over to me and I kept it inside my bible. It was a secure place for me to keep it where it would be free from my eyes and the hands of thieves.

After one of the meetings, I carried my heavy bag and left for my room which was quite far from the meeting venue. Before sleeping, I decided to read some few verses of the bible. I checked my bag, but my bible was not there! The remembrance of the subgroup money in it made me jittery. I ran back to the meeting venue praying that nothing would have happened to the money inside the bible because the meeting venue was an open place.

I picked up my bible immediately I saw it. It was in the exact place that I sat for the meeting, but it has been unzipped and the money gone! 

The world is an evil place full of vices aimed even at the good people. No one is exempted from the attempt of evil to touch everyone. However, many have found succor in money while few long to have peace in the glory of God. The two are sources of defense for man, but one can fail woefully.

Your defense in this world should be the glory of God and not dollars. Several currencies are experiencing a down turn in their values. Even dollar has had it own share of it. Money can save you from some things, but the glory of God saves from all things. The glory could have prevented me from losing the money, but I wasn’t aware.

If the glory of God is your defense, you will have more than prosperity. You will have peace. Money cannot buy peace, it can only secure safety. There is a wide difference.

I sat down, bowed my head and sighed. Why would someone steal God’s money kept inside a bible? The money was about 2,500 naira and yes, it was a huge money for me at that time. I was scared and sad. What do I do? It was an injustice and God permitted it. Why didn’t God protect His money?

Have you ever queried God before? It happens. You see, our God does not think in the good-evil equation. He thinks in the life-death equation. Some of the things we categorize as good may be death in His own equation while some of the things we categorize as evil may be what will eventually lead to life for us. We must not just know His acts, we must also learn His ways.

God knows better than I do. What is life to someone may be death for another person. We cannot generalize.

So, if you lose the job because you would not connive with those that want to defraud the organization, don’t query God. If He allowed it, He know what He is doing.

So, if you don’t get the desired grade or admission despite studying well, don’t  query God. It may look like evil, but you should remember, He is not in the good-evil equation.

So, if you…

Olanrewaju is a writer that seeks to hasten the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He believes in revealing Christ in our every day life. He also blogs at www.olaniyiolanrewaju.blogspot.com

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