God Does Not Speak English!

How to hear God’s voice is one of the most frequently asked questions by Christians. One can be very perturbed until one hears the voice of the Lord over a situation. Hearing God’s voice is the right of every Christian, but very few enjoy this great benefit of salvation. Many Christians have fallen into the hands of false prophets who claim to have heard God for them.

Firstly, you must know that God is willing to speak to you more than you are willing to hear God’s voice. A very comforting chapter in the gospel of John is the 10th chapter. John tells us that every sheep of the Lord knows the voice of God. It can be quite hard to believe that every Christian knows God’s voice as that chapter asserts, but it is very true that every christian knows God’s voice, however, very few Christians know that the voice they have been hearing belongs to God.

We have all been hearing God’s voice, but because we do not know that the voice we are hearing belongs to God, we are still confused. God has His own language and it is not English. God does not speak English neither does He speak Hebrew nor Greek. His language is the Word. For us to be able to recognize God’s voice, we must learn His language. The Word must dwell in us richly for us to be able to communicate with Him.

When you ask the Lord a question, His reply will be a verse in the bible, but when we are not aware that He is referring us to a part in the bible, we feel He has not replied. God answers all prayers! Yes, He does. Our God is a speaking God, but He only speaks the Word. If you want to know God’s voice, get into the Word. Feed your mind with the word so much that when He speaks, you know He has spoken.

Reading the bible is compulsory for anyone that wants to hear God. There is no other formula to this. If you don’t have a good knowledge of His language, you won’t be able to recognize God’s voice. So, if you’re willing to hear God’s voice, sit down with the bible. Open from page to page and digest the stories from Genesis through to Revelation. That’s how to learn God’s language.

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