Happiness Code

-Everyone has a right to be happy

-Happiness in relationship doesn’t come by accident;it must be deliberately pursued

-You shouldn’t be desperate to enter into a relationship because you need somebody to make you happy. You should be happy by yourself
If you expect someone to make you happy,you put too much burden on them.

-There is a place within us that nobody can fill except God.

T.D. Jakes said,

her husband may understand what she says but God understands how she feels

– How to guarantee unhappiness:
Relationship with somebody who is ;

Somebody who doesn’t see anything good in you
Somebody who nags
Somebody who doesn’t understand you and your journey
Somebody who doesn’t support you and your dreams
Somebody who doesn’t value his promises and commitments
Someone who pretends to be perfect and doesn’t tolerate signs of weaknesses.

Unhappiness is sometimes a result of a lack of understanding of the scientific and social differences between men and women.

It can also arise as a result of differences in temperaments, backgrounds, religious beliefs, educational statuses, class/social strata.

One major way to deal with unhappiness in relationship is developing great communication skills.

Proper communication helps to resolve assumptions and promote understanding

We must learn to listen to understand,not just to reply

We must learn how not to explode in conversations

We must learn how to pass across our feelings about issues without attacking persons.

We must learn to speak softly

Happiness is a choice. Abraham Lincoln said,

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

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