I was taking confessions while walking to my room one evening. There was no money in my pocket and there was nothing to cook either. My stomach was not in the mood to pity my condition. It was already aching and calling for food. I certainly needed a miracle. As I was taking the confessions, my heart was becoming stronger that I would get food to eat that night.
Close to my room, I met the president of my fellowship and he said he just finished eating from a restaurant and he wants me to go and do the same. He reached out for his wallet, but I smiled and said “Don’t worry sir. There is food waiting for me in the room.” After some persuasions, my president left.
My confessions had made my conviction so certain. My president didn’t know that I was in need of food when he offered me money to eat, but I was still making my faith declarations. In my mind, I will meet a big bowl of food in my room and I would eat smiling. That night, I slept after drinking a lot of tap water. God’s provision came, but I missed it. God wasn’t thinking along my line of provision. I had asked God for food, but I had also subconsciously determined how He should answer it, but He had a different plan.
It is not wrong for a Christian to ask for help. A lot of people, especially leaders find it hard to ask for help because we feel that we are the ones that should be giving help to others and not the one receiving the help. If I had opened up to my president that night, I would have had a testimony of my faith in God.
Please, don’t die within. Everyone needs help. It is like a ladder. The lowest rung looks up to the next rung while the second rung is also looking up to the next rung above it. The brothers and sisters that you think are flawless are getting help on some of the mistakes and addictions they have. Open up too!

Olanrewaju is a writer that seeks to hasten the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He believes in revealing Christ in our every day life. He also blogs at www.olaniyiolanrewaju.blogspot.com

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