So God does not exist and definitely so also his heaven. If that is your view, this is not for you, you can read something else or go elsewhere.

There is something for sure, not everyone will go to heaven, even though God wants everyone in there.

If Heaven has any ceiling, it must be very low indeed.

Of many things that will be missing in heaven, here are some:

1. There will be no lies. It won’t matter in what guise, there will not be lies. There won’t be lies because there won’t be liars. It won’t matter whether the liar is a pastor or a politician, heaven will be free of liars.

2. There will not be LGBT right campaigns. There won’t be any campaign actually but, campaign for these people groups won’t be necessary because there will not be any homosexual in heaven.

3. There will not be marriages like it is on earth. This is not a problem really, since the only husband will be Jesus and the only wife will be his church. Concerning the lovely wife of yours, don’t worry in as much as you two find yourselves in heaven, you will be more than satisfied to be a member of the wife of Jesus that you will not even consider you were once married. Did I just burst your bubble of seventy virgins and a stream of wine?

4. There will be no dogs. Alright, I know you wished that your best pet, especially the shepherd and of course the chihuahua make it to heaven. I also join in that prayer that they make it to the animal heaven. That might mean taking the word of God too literally but by inference it means that no one who is morally impure will get into heaven.

5. There will be no magic or sorcery. Sorry to disappoint the thought that heaven will be magical. How many love the Harry Potter trilogy, Merlin, legend of the seeker and stuffs like that? Well you won’t get those into heaven for obvious reasons: There will not be allowed any sorcerer. What you are reading in essence is, Harry Potter and his friends will be missing in action.


Pardon the play around the serious matter of life after now, but then to take it more seriously for everyone who already believed in the love of God expressed in Jesus Christ and the sufficiency thereof unto redemption and salvation, let us look into how not to enter heaven.

You are heaven bound and glory hallelujah you are no longer bound since you have been redeemed, but there is still a way you and I should not enter heaven.

It is a meditation on 1 Corinthians 3:15 and we can go over it on point by point basis viz:

1. There is a certain work that is your work and it will be counted for or against you. But then it is by grace we are saved through faith and not of works lest anyone should boast, so how come someone is saved but the work burnt, and why should work come into the picture since we are talking of salvation here and we know salvation is a gift of God?

2. The work mentioned is specified as “your work”. It is not the work that permits you in heaven in the first place, but what is the importance of your work? It sure does not bring you into heaven, but it is what determines your reward. We will not be rewarded by Christ’s work. Christ’s work brings us into the Kingdom, our work determines our position in the Kingdom.

3. Explanation of the analogy: It is a serious thing to experience fire accident. You hardly think about other things or persons but yourself. In the kind of fire accident pictured in this verse, you have no other person but yourself to think of, so you are left with your work. After the inferno, if it is discovered that your work is combustible then you are like a man who is barely saved from a car accident in which the vehicle was totalled, the only reason worth thanking God for will be sparing the life. It will be painful to mention the car in any discussion and although you may not mention it, the owner of the car, although saved will remember his loss.

You can also liken the verse with the owner of a well furnished apartment who was lucky to escape a fire outbreak which razed his home. Can you explain how he feels when the fire is over? Empty? Naked? This is the way a believer who gets into heaven with his work burnt likely going to feel coupled with a probable everlasting regret.

4. How do one ensure a work that will survive the fire? The obvious is to fireproof the work. How do I fireproof my work? The answer I know is to wrap our deeds in love.

5. What makes love an effective fireproof material? The answer is found in the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians, 1Cor. 13:8 “Love is eternal.” It is my belief that whatever love touches benefits from the eternal nature of love and as such whatever is done in love outlive whatever is done via any other means or motivation.

6. The combustible works are very much likely the works described in Hebrews 6:1 as “dead works” but we have the confirmation for love as a good fireproof material later in that chapter when we read Heb. 6:10 “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”

Conclusively, while many things will be missiing and missed in heaven, a believer’s work should not be found wanting because it will amount to being saved as if passed through fire.

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