Interceding For Your Family

The job of intercession is a core part of the responsibilities of every Christian. Intercession is very important because without it, the hands of God may remain unseen in a situation as God needs someone to call on Him before He shows up and if no one calls on Him, He stays away. This was proofed severally in the bible especially during the days of Ezekiel.

Our society is a aggregate of what our individual families look like. The product of our families is what we see on the streets and even in our leaders as every one came out of a family. Social studies defines the family as the basic unit of a society which means that the state of the entire society relies on the health of each family. This makes the family of great importance.

The bible admonishes us that we must not be ignorant of the tricks of the devil. The family serves as the foundation building block for anything that would be established in the society, so the devil aims at destroying the family so that he can gain the society. That’s why the family, formed by the marriage of a man and a woman, is under a great attack by the devil. The first attack of the devil in the bible was against the family.

As believers, we must be ready to wag war against him by creating a hedge around our family members. Interceding for the members of our family is a daily duty that we must engage in to make sure that we keep the devil away from our dwelling place. We must engage the supernatural to keep our families in the perfect will of God.

God has a plan for the family and it is to affect the society through the production of a Godly seed. A man that prays for his family will be able to decide what the members of that family will look like even for many generations. Just like an occultic man can dedicate his lineage to the devil, we can also dedicate our lineage to God. Kenneth Hagin did it for his family and it is still standing till date.

Prayer of faith is the most potent power in the world today. Don’t rationalize unhealthy behaviors from your spouse or children. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. When we pray for our family, we engage the authority of Jesus over ourselves and set into motion the will of God for our lives.

A practical way to stand in gap for our family members is to mention their names one after the other and pray in the Spirit for them. As a member of a family, you have the legal right to decide the spirituality of the members of that family. Mention their names one by one; spend enough time to create energy to drive spiritual growth. Labour over each one until you see the changes that you desire. Do not give up!

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