Islam the Religion of Peace

Every Muslim and Christians need to read this.

This becomes necessary as an unusually long response to one Adam Idris, who was reacting and replying to comments raised over a religious article in one of the blogs. It started out as a direct response to a statement he made that “Islam connotes peace” but it continued to include a message to the true muslims and christians.

Islam does not connote peace as you said in one of your replies. Islam means submission. Question is what are muslims (those who have submitted) submitting to? If you don’t know, they are to submit to Allah and to Mohammed’s teachings. A true muslim will do what Mohammed instructed. Part of what Mohammed instructed are, lies or deceits to infidels, taxing them, and eventually force them to submit or be killed(Jizya and takia). Anyone who has not submitted to all of the messages of Allah and his prophet is not yet a true muslim. Yet many are the nominal muslims who blaspheme those muslims who have fully submitted to Allah and his prophet to kill the infidels until islam (submission to Allah and his prophet) becomes the only religion.

If you will be true to your religion, you should draw your sword and seek out the infidels and kill them, rape them and take spoil of their properties. If you will not do these I “submit” to you that you’re not a true muslim.

Every true Muslims should read this.

To every true muslims I have this to say, you are not serving the living and the loving God, the only one God as Allah and his prophet wants you to believe. I know you are sincere and are dedicated to the course of Allah, but if you continue in that way, you will partake of the destruction God has been warning you to escape from. The only way of escape is not in the peace that comes only when all the human race has been forced to submit under sword and blood to Allah, but the peace comes when the Prince of peace is now given room in the heart of a man. Jesus Christ calls you today as He has been doing all of your life that you should come and rest. Rest from your burden of guilt and rest from your burden of incompetence and not satisfying Allah enough. Come without money, come learn of Jesus, come into Life. His arms are wide open. Oh that you would come.

Shadow of Doubts:

The Christians’ Three Gods

I know something may raise the question against some of the things I have written instead of you picking the truth beneficial to your hereafter so that you may miss the message in this article, don’t give in to that devil, it is a ploy to distract you. For instance a reader may say “you do not have the moral justification to talk about the one and only God when obviously you are a Christian and Christians worship three gods”. That my reader is a falsehood that the devil rehearsed in the ears of those who are capable of seeing the truth that only in Jesus can all humanity find salvation. It is a false assertion because the Bible made it clear that the Lord our God is one God.

“We are all serving the same God”

This also brings to the fore another ploy of darkness against the Light of the world, a falsehood that says the God of the Christian is the same as Allah.

In truth, there is only one God of all flesh, the Creator of all there is, seen or unseen. Falsehood is saying that God is Allah and that this Being is both the God true Christians serve and true Muslims serve.

It is rather sad and unfortunate that there are many people on both sides of the divide who believe this is true. To the Christians who believe this lie, it is a privilege for safe cohabitation with the Moslems who holds the same belief. It also means the Christians do not really need to tell the Moslems the truth about The Truth. Why do so, when it is the same God we are serving? Yet the urgency of the Good News is terrifying. Everyone who is set free owes it to people yet in bondage the freedom plan. Everyone who has been healed owes it to others who are sick the secret Doctor who cure them or if it is a medication the name or it’s formula.

This erroneous belief held unto by a Muslim will make them ineffective in their religion. Because if they hold on to the belief “we serve the same God”, it will be difficult for them to slaughter an infidel when it is expected of them. A true Muslim should be capable of eliminating an infidel as a form of service and an act of submission to Allah and his prophet just as killing an Eid Al-Adha ram is an act of obedience.

You see, no one really benefits from this belief in the long run.

“We are Worshiping the Same God” Again.

I am not sure that same god story is really good or is morally sound for anyone to peddle it because it will lead to an unwanted blasphemy of the god. How can a just and an anchor of morality as the gods are expected to be (in this discourse of course) be happy to confuse his so called subjects and creations? I was expecting the same god to be similar in thought and deeds but no he is not.

I was expecting that the similar god of Christians and Muslims to actually be saying the same thing probably with different emphasis, but no, he was not going to do so. He commanded a party to love and then commanded the other party to hate. The one to not draw the sword because those who live by the sword will die by it but to the other he commanded that by the sword they will inherit paradise of virgins and wine.

Before I become lost in the list and become confused myself, the same god must really be dubious or outrightly pitching one party against the other or it is that he is plain confused.

But because the true Muslims know that the God of Christians is different from theirs, Christians must really seek and find their God whom some assume is the same with the Muslims’. If true Muslims know this, it’s high time the true Christians learned the same. The Gods are different because their requirements are different.

Because their requirements are different, their methods and rules are different. Their means are different and so is their ends different.

The Plea

After all is written and done, I put before you today Life and Death, choose Life. And let no one be confused, choose today whom you will serve, God of Light and Life or the unknown god of unknown intention. I beg you as if Jesus Christ Himself is begging you choose Life. Stop the lies, seek and find the Truth and Truth will set you free. The world is in need of those who are free and if you are free, let others in on the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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