Jesus Broke my Heart and He Will Break Yours

“This way you want to walk in is definitely the way I am on and Jesus broke my Heart and He will break yours too.”

Imagine yourself trying to bring up a discussion about Jesus with another person and s/he asked you “which Jesus?” I don’t know what I was thinking really, but I came up with that hypothetical situation and these are my hypothetical responses, and conversation.

Let’s begin like this:

“How many Jesus do you know?” I asked.

“Well I know the one called the healer. He is often called on the Prayer Mountains.”

“I know Jesus the exorcist too. He was once famous for casting out about two thousand demons from only one guy. What? That’s fantastic! The producers of The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose probably have him as a mentor, but they obviously can’t recreate that.” I thought within myself, “It’s not fantastic. It is true. Well I believe it is true.”

“I will not forget the popular Santa Clause. The Jesus who gives good people gifts and punish bad people with envy from seeing the good gifts of the good people they can have none of.”

“Was it not that same Jesus who is the master chef, who fed multitudes of adults with bread and fish sandwiches? Oh my, I wish I could have myself a piece of the magic sandwiches.”

In my mind I think people will assume this guy is prepared for a sermon about the kinds of Jesus there are and will probably not notice that this guy is not even giving me the courtesy of hearing me out first being the initiator of the conversation. But on a second thought, didn’t I ask a question that requires babbles like this? I almost missed the next Jesus.

“…the weak Jesus…” what? “Please can you repeat that?”

“I was saying there is the Jesus celebrated every Easter, the weak Jesus.” If you were with me you will probably ask me to close my mouth. It was not that I have not thought at a time that Jesus does not fit the picture of the heroes created by Marvel. My mouth wasn’t opened too wide for the record, but obviously I was taken aback by that statement. I did ask him to expatiate and he spiritedly did.

“You see, that Jesus is indeed weak. How a person of his status and caliber can just let himself to be spit upon, slapped and crucified is beyond me. Tell me, what is the good thing about a god who dies? Even the gods of the land I come from can claim superiority over that kind of weak Jesus.” O God! I exclaimed within myself “that phrase again.”

“Where I come from, gods don’t die, they kill themselves, turned to stones, transform to water or just bodily enters the ground. What god allows himself to be killed?”

At this time, I quickly prayed to the God who is Almighty to help me explain to this guy how this obviously weak Jesus is the same strong and mighty God.

“You have really heard a lot about Jesus. Even though the question I asked was intended to be a trick question, you have literally answered it adequately I must say.” My acquaintance adjusts himself on his seat with an air of superiority. I somewhat love that attitude.

“To answer that question of what is good about a god who dies and what god allows himself to be killed, I will say that nothing is good about a god who dies or the one who allows himself to be killed, that’s stating the obvious.”

“Since you earlier associates Jesus with magic act, which I take to mean the more you look the less you see, there is more than meets the eye about his allowing himself to be killed. There is indeed a trickery, but the trick is not on any man but on the Devil. Although magic acts are to the intent that people are deceived, Jesus is never out to deceive anyone. He is the truth. There is a mystery about his death, but to everyone who is being saved, the intent is clear: to die the death we should die and in resurrection, typifying how those who come to believe in him for their salvation will be saved from both death and hell.”

My friend shifted in his seat and let out a weak “hmm”. I don’t know for sure whether it means “is that true?” or “that’s serious”, but I continued.

“I’m not sure if you have heard that Jesus touched and healed many people?” he said “hmm” by which I know for sure he means a yes. “You see one of those stories that touched me is how people also touched Jesus and were healed. Not that they really touched him, they only touched his garments.”

“There is another important way the touch can be arranged, Jesus can and wants to touch everyone’s heart, that way he will be touching not only their situation and needs but also the way they do things. So you see, when Jesus really touches your heart, he will touch your dress.”

“Even though in death he appears weak, in his resurrection, he is awesome.”

“You started out with a list of many Jesus, let me add to the list” my friend clears his throat gently and looks more alive at this statement. I assumed I have bored him at some point.

“Jesus the heart breaker.” I feel like telling him, he looks cute and funny with the new look he is wearing now. I didn’t tell him that.

“Yes, Jesus the heart breaker”

“You have heard me earlier that Jesus wants to touch people’s heart and by so doing, he will transform their lives. This is one way to explain repentance. Jesus Christ wants you to become better and not just better but to be like him. It is a good deal but you must know upfront that in allowing him to touch your heart, his intention is to break it.”

Looking confused, “I have definitely not heard of this Jesus the heart breaker” He said. “He doesn’t seem to be a good deal like you want me to believe and I think anyone who follows that Jesus should have a rethink.”

Feeling like I have him right where I wanted, I continued “he may look like a no, but I gave him a yes and that yes came when I know the complete truth and that he will break my heart.”

“You know what? I didn’t want to say it before but I think I should tell you how I feel you are sounding like a crazy guy. I don’t mean it as an insult but that’s how you look to me right now.” He said, apparently confused. I smiled, and I continued.

“Thanks for being honest. You just said the truth, it takes a mad person to believe this Jesus and to still follow him nonetheless. But, I wish that you will have a change of heart needed to see God’s wisdom in the foolishness of the gospel.”

“When your heart is indeed touched and transformed, you will no longer see a mad guy but becoming wise yourself, you see a man following the wisdom of God.”

“I am just warning you ahead of time should you want to follow this Jesus. Know that in allowing him into your heart, he will break it.”

“You obviously don’t know what it means to have one’s heart broken. You just kept saying Jesus will break my heart, do you even know this gentle guy Jesus?” I felt like “this guy has respect for Jesus this much?” So I thought it wise to end the conversation before my guy escape.

“I’m sorry to have whipped up some emotions there, but this is what I mean when I say Jesus will break your heart: do you have someone or something you love most right now?” He looked at me as if asking if I want him to answer. “Do you?” “I love many things and many persons, I love my wife and my children, and I also love my mum. I must also say I love the internet of things. You can add fast computers and cars into the mix too.” His eyes were aglow when he mentioned these items. “If you really want to walk in the way with Jesus Christ, be prepared that he will dethrone all the things on your list and oh my, your heart will break. It is a worthy adventure and I can assure you that it is worth even the pains and the brokenness. He will so break your heart that all the things that used to give you pleasure will pale until Jesus Christ himself becomes your joy and pleasure.”

I don’t really know what it is I said that interested him about making a decision to follow Jesus all the way, but he is interested and said so. With joy in my heart and to assure myself and him that it is not a joke to decide for Jesus Christ, I told him this before we depart that day “This way you want to walk in is definitely the way I am on and Jesus broke my Heart and He will break yours too.”



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