“We are awaiting glorification but while we are at it, the only person worthy of being glorified in our lives is Jesus Christ, Our Servant.”

Ephesians 5:10 Learn as you go along what pleases the Lord. TLB

Everyone who has understanding of the story of Jesus Christ will not be shocked that the Christ is described as our servant. This is actually correct because even Jesus Christ said so. Mark 10:45

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” NKJV

This said, everyone who has come to believe in Jesus should know that the service of Christ is fulfilled and finished when they accepted His sacrifice on their behalf. He is no longer the servant but the Lord.

We have not been learning what pleases the Lord but have been training Jesus to adapt Himself to what things that please us, so that He can be a favourite servant.

Jesus is less than a worthy Lord to most of us, but he is our favourite servant; always there to listen to all of our heart desires. In the best of scenario, He has become like the Aladdin’s genie of the lamp from tales from the Arabian Nights. We rub him to grant us our earthly wishes and who cares what He wishes?

Jesus did not mind being our servant and He did not mind being our brother also, but should He not be the Lord He is?

Jesus has become many things but the Lord lately. He is our healer, our provider, our saviour, our standby counsellor, our strength, our hope, our shelter, our shield, our rock etc. He is indeed these and much more, but these are the things He is that please us and endear Him to us but what about that which pleases Him and endears us to Him?

The things that please Jesus and endear us to Him are the things that are solely found in His Lordship. Everything that pleases us in Him will still be and are in fact in His Lordship, but then they come as a result of pleasing Him rather than Him pleasing us.

Jesus Christ served us with His life and paid the price for our inadequacies, but apart from being the Lord existentially, He earned the right to be Lord and not just Lord of things but especially Lord of men.

If God was not ashamed to be identified with us by referring to Himself copiously as the Son of man, is it not okay that He be the “Lord of man”?

He served us so well He put off and practically lost His Identity. Do you know why He did that? So that we can pick up His identity.

He came to serve and not to be served, now that we have put on His identity, we serve and are not to be served. It is only a simple logic, He served so we can know how to serve to attain glory. Brothers and sisters, it is our turn to serve.

If we serve Him now, we will also reign with Him, but for now He is supposed to be the only Lord. He is meant to be the only one to be waited upon. He served, now He must be served.

If that is how Jesus is, is that not how I must be? If Jesus did that, is that not what I must do? Do I think I will have it any easier? If I think so, it must be that I meant service for me will not include giving my life as ransom for many. Other than that, “as He is so are we in this world”.

Do you think the phrase “as He is so are we in this world” only applies to authority and dominion? Maybe it does apply to those but the original application is to Christlikeness. If Christ served to enter glory and the place of dominion and authority, the time for me to serve is now. It is not when I am at the table of service that I should be thinking or behaving like I am already glorified. We are awaiting glorification but while we are at it, the only person worthy of being glorified in our lives is Jesus Christ, Our Servant.


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