Love Waxed Cold

I think I now understand what it means for love of many to wax cold.

Love of many waxing cold is an effect that we need to understand its cause.

I earlier thought the love waxed cold because of the persons themselves or because they have lost their first love, this may not be the real issue until we deLove%20waxed%20coldal with the cause which is really the main issue here.

Lawlessness Shall Increase

The love of many, most likely the writer and the reader, is growing cold because of lawlessness. If it is ourselves that have grown lawless maybe we will quickly notice the change but no, it is not really us.

Love Quickly Refreshed

Before we conclude on this matter, it will help our understanding better to learn something or things about love, things we may already know.

Love is both an abstract noun and also a verb

It can be a subject or an object

It can be an action of a subject on an object

It is the responsibility of the subject towards the object that can be described as love.

This responsibility is the decision of the subject and not of the object.

Even though the choice of love is with the subject, the object can affect the outcome of the decision.

Jesus is God’s love revealed to man and God’s will is for all humanity to accept that love and take on the nature of His revealed love.

God loved us when we were unlovable.

It is difficult for man to love an unlovable human being.

Anyone who have accepted Jesus Christ as the love of God and the only means of salvation have also accepted Him to be their Lord.

His commands, being the Lord, is to love God and love men (our neighbours)

Increased Lawlessness, Decreased Love

Now I have accepted God’s revealed Love and all His sacrifice to redeem me. I have also accepted to follow in His steps and His steps leads into love and more love.

I love the Lord. It’s so easy to love Him. He is perfect. I stepped out unto the arms of believers, people who have had the same experience of redemption, they loved the Lord, we all love the Lord and it’s easier for us all to love one another simply because we have a common lover.

Not long after this, what I thought will never happen again starts happening, my anger returned, his pride returned, their faction began and the friction becomes unbearable. The heat was much and no one seems to know how to lower it and the way of escape seemingly lies in leaving the kitchen.

You know what, the breeze outside feels so comforting after such a heat among the so called believers and saints. Individually we think we can enjoy the free air of sin for a while but then we have been left behind. Our partners in the world have devised new level of sinfulness and lawlessness and we seem to belong to the Stone Age when in actual fact it was just like yesterday when we first left the gang.

One way or the other we find our way back in the kitchen because we fits in there better than with our former gangs. The heat of the kitchen is still there just like the factions and the frictions but something is not feeling the same.

Our testimonies go in similar tones: while I don’t hate anybody, I just can’t put up with his pride or their faction. “What about the people outside?” I don’t hate them, but I don’t like them very much. This was not how we began, how did we get here? The cool breeze of sinfulness and increased harm we are exposed to from within and without has cooled our love for the brethren and so much more the outsiders.

Perilous Time

This is what made the times perilous, the instability, the unpredictability of behaviors, it is also perilous because the line between friends and foes is no longer clear. There are enemies in the kitchen as there are in the former gangs. It is perilous because I don’t hate wickedness as much as before. Why? Because the definition of wickedness tends to be shifting every day. It is perilous because we don’t love righteousness as much. Why? Because when I love righteousness, people attack and say I’m not liberal. These are not even as painful as the fact that it is easier to make an enemy than it is to make a true friend. This is not even as hard as loving the enemies you make the same way God loves you when you were His enemy.

After much words and sharing of testimonies then we began to understand that we have allowed others’ hatred, lawlessness, sinfulness and selfishness to affect how much we love them. We have allowed people’s eagerness or lack of zeal to affect how we love God. We have allowed the competition among the factions to determine how much of worldliness we can tolerate in the kitchen. As you all might have noticed, Jesus has a sharp and simple way of summarizing human problems. He summarized these hundreds of words simply thus:

“Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold”.

I know it’s not your fault that you can’t love that Muslim: they have killed your family. I know it’s not your fault that you don’t want anything to do with that tribe, one of them raped your sister and forcefully indoctrinate your cousin. I know you often feel like getting rid of those people by whatever means because they destroyed your entire village. In fact you are always happy, even though you caution yourself not to show it, anytime mishap befall them.

I know and I know it’s not your fault but brothers and sisters, it is you and I that will be judged by this law of love not them. And today Jesus is asking you to gauge your love: is it growing cold or growing hot? If you feel uncomfortable about this, so am I. lawlessness has increased and this love business is really getting difficult, but we both know we can’t stop loving we can only stop hating.



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