Marriage Seminar

Marrying a good wife

What of women who marry “A GOOD HUSBAND”? I’m asking __Research of course.

Introduction: I know someone will love this. It is more of an unusual event, it came out of the blue and we were transfixed for about 4 hours on this one. So I bring you the gist in a fraction of that time. Enjoy.

Minister: Prof. and Dr. (Mrs) Timothy Oyetunde 


As long as you’re in Christ, there is hope

When you marry a good wife, you live longer. _Research

Questions for reflection:


  1. Why do you want to marry, What do you want to achieve with mariage
  1. Do you think you have the qualification for an intimate relationship or marriage?
  1. What assets will you be bringing to your relationship
  1. What liabilities will you be bringing to your relationship
  1. What specific criteria will you be looking for in your potential partner.
  1. What 3 factors will you think are essential for a successful intimate relationship.
  1. What 3 factors do you think are responsible for the breakdown of many intimate relationship or marriage
  1. What 3 things do you think will distinguish a Christian relationship from that of unbelievers
  1. Why do you think many Christian intimate relationships are not better than many of unbelivers
  1. Why do you think a Christian marriage is a service or ministry
  1. Why do you think a Christian marriage is a preparation for heaven


Biblical truths to establish you in this subject:

  1. God is a maker and builder of a successful intimate relationship or marriage Gen. 2:18
  1. A good wife or faithful man are from God
  1. Marriage is a yoke.

You can be married to a Christian and still be unequally yoked.

  1. God is interested in the person you marry.

It is not about luck.

  1. No matter your observations; Marriage is for enjoyment. (God gave us all things to enjoy)

Married people have been shown to live longer than single people (Not meaning you should marry today 🙂

  1. Isaiah 34:16

Marriage is fragile

Marriage is not a project nor a contract. It is a covenant and commitment of showing unconditional love

Even if you marry an angel, you will have to suffer a while to gain stability.

When you say “I do” it is fixed. Whatever you find in it, it is your own.

Marriage is indeed a preparation for heaven, because all the qualities needed to get to heaven will be practiced in marriage.

Marriage is a love relationship between a mature male and a female. It is also a way a male and a female are connected to affect each other.

It is a commitment to serve and minister to the need of the other person

There are 2 ways to do intimate relationship: God’s and the world’s. Do it God’s way.

6 kinds of preparation:






mental or attitudinal


The spiritual: Becoming a disciple of Christ.

NB: It is possible to serve God and not know Him

When you ask for a partner who fears God; the real question should be do you yourself fear God.

The emotional: You should have a sense of worth. Not an emotional wreck. Be stable yourself because marriage will compound your problems

The Social: Cultvating the social skill of a win-win communication, courtesy, being quick to forgive and smart conflict resolution

The Intellectual: Be Smart. Be committed to reading and learning. Be an intellectual practitional

The Economic: Have plans.

The Mental/Attitudinal: To succeed you must be optimistic, not easily discouraged, grateful and thankful. This is critical, because without hope, your faith won’t work. Be joyful always. Be tolerant. Marriage demands it.

5 Conditions that affect choice

  1. Willingness to accept God’s choice
  2. Willingness to be guided by biblical standards
  3. Willingness to sleep. (Surrender and trust)
  4. Willingness not to compromise biblical standard of purity in every stage.
  5. General ways God leads


Practice becoming one using three Ps-Pray, plan and play together.

Practice the golden rule, do unto others what you want them to do to you.

Communicate Effectively

Resolve conflict constructively in a win-win amnner

Handle in-laws constructively

Be faithful sexually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually

Raise Godly children

Grow in discipleship

Keep the family altar alive

Endure Hardship.

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