He came in between two other persons, one was the person who drove him in while the second has been the one who has been communicating with him via phone, howbeit they have never met until then.
He walked briskly and before he could be appropriately directed to his place at the front, he turned abruptly off the aisle into the middle column and among the singing crowd. He has by the way snatched his Bible from one of the persons who entered with him.
The praise session is over, it is now time for us to hear the word of God from the man of God. Everywhere is now silent, only the muffled voice of those arranging for the meals could be heard filtering in from outside the hall and of course if you are seated where I was, you will probably hear the humming of the generator and also the fans of the sound equipments. Listening to God’s word is a serious business and we took it like so. But if you have the privilege of knowing the profile of the person who will be bringing the word of God, you will have reasons to anticipate for much: he is an academic and for those who are not northerners, the name sounds surprising and paradoxical, a Muslim name on a Christian preacher or so we think.
Where is he? Who is he? Is he around? That is probably the unasked questions in most minds. That is easy to understand, because we can see the well-cushioned leather seat at the front where the man of God should be seated but the man is not there. Is he going to be coming late? Are the leaders and the program moderator aware of this development and what shall be the next line of action now that we are already At the crucial stage in the meeting?
I have the privilege of knowing a few persons who should know what is going on, I motioned to one brother who was moving out as quietly as he can, he probably needs to make a call to establish the location of the man of God and the next best line of action “is he around?” He needed not to ask me of whom I speak, but he answered as fast and as quietly as possible, “he is”.
One of the three questions is answered, but where exactly is he? I am quick to consider that he could have found a secluded place or one of the rooms to pray ahead of his ministration. I don’t know whether that ritual is a standard operating procedure for preachers or a powerful excuse in the mind of the congregants for the times the men of God did not show up on time. I didn’t have to worry too much over his location or whether he is busy praying for my hard heart to be softened because just about then I could see the moderator on his way up to the podium and being a lower ranked person, he must call the president to introduce the man of God. Is he just going to call the man of God without allowing the president do the honors?
The moderator is a true son of his father, he called the president not neglecting all the necessary appellations and titles fitting for the man of his status.
The president quickly rises to attend to the call and the duty of introducing the man of God.
I don’t think this is the man of God. Well, he is not dressed like one, at least not like the one who has a message to deliver.
A man emerged from somewhere among the crowd, it is an unfamiliar clean-shaven bespectacled face.
His first assignment was to tell the people working the projectors to remove PhD from behind his name. “Who put that thing after my name? Remove it already. This is not the institution where such things matters, here and now I’m happy to be a brother” this he said calmly but firmly. If you were the one operating the slides, you will not want that instruction repeated, so the PhD thing vanished faster than it appeared.
The next assignment, which actually caused me to forget the topic of his homily that fateful day happens in a moment and it was a rude shock to many who are like me. The man looked over the crowd through his glasses and looked with disdain over the front row seats reserved for men of high status and at the head of that is the special seat for the guest minister, I still don’t have an idea of what is to come. He started with a line that I remember like this “You will not forget me. You may not love me or like my message but I am sure that you will not forget me” Who starts a sermon like that? This man did.
While I am still trying to figure out the reason for such an audacious opening, he dropped another one “why are you younger generation trying to follow the wrong steps of my generation?” Well I don’t know what he meant by that, so I did not bother too much over that until I heard “If Jesus were to be in a gathering like this, will he be seated on a seat other than the type upon which the congregants sat?” Well, I will be more inclined to Say NO in response and I think a lot of the people in that gathering shares the same sentiment. “If Jesus will consider the plastic chairs good enough to be seated upon, I choose not to seat on these exotic seats and I will advice that they are removed for the rest of my stay in this meeting and I will love it to remain like so after I have gone.” This must be how the final sentence I chose to remember sounded and in no time, able-bodied brothers have the furniture removed.
The man taught well and I heard a lot of what he said except that what I heard was quite different from the main theme of his message, if there is a title for the message I heard, I will say it is titled Men Worshipers and you have not heard a thing of it.
He said it and I have found it to be true, “You will not forget me”.

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