Of Hypocrisy

Dear Friend,

Of Hypocrisy

My dear friend, my heart keep longing to write more and more to you. I believe you’re getting my letters. Don’t hesitate to write to me anytime the Lord lays a word in your heart for me.

Some days ago, Myself and some friends were cleaning the surroundings of a church. I wanted to spend time with God during the cleaning, so I separated myself and went to clean a place that was relatively quiet. People saw me from afar as I was working and some waved at me to encourage me.

In my heart, I saw that I was enjoying the greetings more than the work I was doing for the Lord. It was so much that I began to long for more of the encouragements. It grieved my heart. I never knew I still had such tendencies within me. Jesus called it hypocrisy. Why would I choose to do a work so that people would see me and hail me for it? It’s wrong.

Many of these tendencies are so subtle that we would often classify them natural, but we must know that our God longs for a heart that is devoid of such. Paul told us that Jesus would be coming back for a church that is without spot, blemish, wrinkle or any such things.

Last week, I wrote an article that got a whole lot of attention of Facebook and I was feeling like writing another article that would get such attention too. I would go online several times to check how many likes and comments are on the post. You know that urge right? We must always resist such urges because they are not wholesome.

Jesus said if we pray in the open places, we are hypocrites. Many of us are like that. We skip quiet time where no one will see us and turn to prayer warrior during church program. The truth is that if the only time you pray in Tongues for a long time is when you gather with your friends, you’re an hypocrite. We must learn to do things in secret where no one will praise us.

I remain your friend,

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