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Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you. I have always had you in mind, though time has not been favorable, but this morning, I have decided to steal some time to write to you. All has been very well with me. Hope you have the same testimony too? Your music ministry nko? I want to tell you about what my playlist looks like. I have seen several Christians advocate for some kind of music in recent times. Over time, there have been very serious arguments about the kinds of songs acceptable to God. Criteria like lyrics, tune and life of the artist have been the major yardsticks for differentiating between ‘gospel’ and ‘secular’. You know I don’t like arguments, so I mostly stay away from such discussions. When someone comes on the social media and says some songs are not good for the believer, people call him a hypocrite or ‘holier than thou’. You must have been seeing such posts on Facebook. The way people abuse people on Facebook these days, you would think there is a University where they learnt it. Well, whatever comes out of us shows what resides within us. My friend, can you remember one teaching we heard on campus. The pastor told us that ‘Christianity is about Life (Zoe) and Zoe is tangible. Whatever you do that is devoid of Zoe is religion even if you have a bible verse to back it up. Zoe is the real deal. And, Zoe is in measures. There is a measure of Zoe that Jesus said can be in abundance’. Now, I have learnt that singing a song is about Zoe. We must know that the kind of songs that attract our soul have a lot of implications because in the kingdom, like poles attract and unlike poles repel. That is why the Deep will call unto the Deep. If the Deep calls unto the Deep, who will the Shallow call unto? Take for example, the Psalms. Do you know that they are not just lyrics? They are real and alive! They happened. They are records of encounters and dealings that are tangible. Songs that are of Life (Zoe) are birthed out of encounters. What was Isaiah talking about when the LORD GOD has become His song? Something must have happened. If your playlist is full of the songs with good lyrics and awesome genres, but no Zoe, it simply shows your depth. My new friends and I are launching into some depths where many ‘gospel’ songs are no longer satisfying. My own secular is one that cannot satisfactorily capture what I am seeing in my heart. We have meetings where all the songs we sing would be completely ‘tear rubber’ songs from heaven. We would hear angels singing it and we join. At times, we would even dance the kind of dance we see angels dancing. They are nothing like what we see on TV. It’s always awesome. I really wish you are having the same experience over there. I have tasted some things, I cannot go back to those days any longer. Please, check your playlist again. It shows your depth in God. I am still following Jesus everywhere. Anywhere I see Jesus, I run there. In case you are wondering, I am still as gentle as I used to be in those days. I hope to see you soon. Your Friend,

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