Last year, I attended a program in June in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was a program that was aimed at experiencing the world beyond the natural eyes. The theme of the program was in fact, Evening of Supernatural. During the program, I began to see some beings that looked like the description of Angels that is in the bible. The assembled themselves in a manner that looked like a choir and they danced.
At first, I sat back and looked at them as they danced. Then, the minister that was leading at that time said that some of the people in the congregation are seeing Angels that are dancing. He encouraged us to dance with them in the manner that we are seeing. I stood up and moved my body in the same manner that I saw the Angels move.
Five months later, I was in Lagos, Nigeria for another program. I got there late because I had to travel from Ibadan. When I got to the venue of the program, I heard them singing and worshipping God already. I registered at the door and entered the auditorium. Immediately I entered, something caught my attention. I saw the dance again!
The exact dance that I saw Angels dancing in June, I saw many people moving their bodies in the same manner as the Angels that I saw months ago. It was a pleasant surprise.

Too many things have been categorized as merely physical things because we are not conscious of the spiritual world. Dance is more than moving the body in a particular manner. Dance is worship!

When the “One Corner Dance” hit the social media, there were several criticisms and many believers condemned it that it must never enter the church of God. The same criticism that greets a new style of dance greeted One Corner Dance too. Today, it is seen as just one of the many dance styles that we can use to worship God.

We have substituted wood for gold in the church today because we cannot press enough into God to pick the many dance styles that exists in heaven. There are many dance styles that Angels are using to worship God in heaven. “Kukere for Jesus” doesn’t exist in the heavenlies.

I encourage you to dip yourself into worship and see what the Lord will bring out of you.

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