Parable Of Brushes

I once came across some brushes that are used to paint buildings. They all had the color that came from the manufacturer, but it seems that there was a difference in the colors I saw, so I moved closer.

I discovered that the brushes do not all look alike. Some brushes has their color altered severely by the color of the paints they have been used to paint over time, so they had a color that could not be well defined. They looked quite rough.

I also saw another set of brushes that do not have the mixed color that the first group have. The initial color from the manufacturer could still be seen, but it has faded to a great extent, so instead of them having the mixed color of the others. They looked old.

Then I saw a third set of brushes. They were completely clean. Unstained. I wondered why they were so clean and new and I discovered that they have not been used to do any work. They are just fresh from the manufacturer. They looked very new.
The entire gathering of the brushes looks like a mixed multitude. It wasn’t uniform and I also noticed that those that look alike clustered together and this gave birth to a fine line of division in between the groups. I wondered why they were arranged in that manner.

Then I decided to touch them and make some more findings about each category inside the entire bunch.

The first group with mixed colors were wet. It looked very much like the ones that are currently in use and the many colors shows how much they have been used.

The second group that looked old was very dry and rusty. They must be out of use for a long time.

While the third group that looked new was just painted. They were not wet like the first group or dry like the second group. They were sharp and ready for work after the renovation of the painter.

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