Patience: Accessory of Greatness 

Good and honest works pay, but they don’t pay easily or fast enough, they pay by patience.
In life there are short cuts but those who become great take the long and honest ways.

Honest ways pay, but the road is straight and narrow only few walks it.
Honest ways pay, it takes the patient to do the hard work it requires to reach the reward.
For the religious, it is noteworthy to say that patience do not come by praying for it. Praying for patience don’t work miraculously, if there is a miracle, it is going to be the miracle of going through affliction and turbulence to hone the skill of patience. There is no other way. Patience does not come by impartation, it comes through learning in the class of tribulation.

Nobody gets patient by trying to be, they become patient by learning it. While some individuals are naturally inclined to be more patient, nobody is patient naturally. Whoever is patient learned it. Patience is a learned skill it is not innate.
If there is a personality who is naturally patient, I think that must be God and my heart tells me He gets better at it over time.

God made all He made patiently. He could have spoken all things to being in a single day, yet He made them sequentially for six days.

He paced Himself. My calculated guess is that pacing and patient have some etymological connections somewhere. The more in a hurry you are the more it is seen your need for patience, or bluntly put, your lack of patience.

One of the natures of God that makes Him the great God He is, is patience. He is not easily angered, He does not deal with us as our deeds demand, otherwise we should have perished like Sodom and Gomorrah. We are still here because God is patient. His Patience is not weakness, it is greatness. He is not patient so we can continue in our wickedness but in hope that down the line we will have a chance to change our ways. God’s patience is redemptive.

A wicked man can show extra patience just because he is hatching an evil plan, while that kind of patience can earn him a great name as an evil genius, it sure is not the correct kind of patience. It is not a correct patience because it is not redemptive.
Redemption that comes with patience first redeem the person who is patient except in the case of God who has no need to be redeemed but redeems the persons towards whom He shows patience. Without patience it is impossible to gain our souls.

There is a connection between faith, hope and trust: They are proven and shown by patience. The faithless and hopeless will show it by their impatience and those who have faith and hope will show it by their patience. The dangerous exercise of haste belongs to those who lacks faith, those who have faith will not participate in the exercise.

Patience does not mean slothfulness. Sometimes we make haste because we are actually slothful. It is paradoxical but it is often the case that the reason we are busy trying to get a work done is so that we no longer do anything else. Patience in work means thoroughness. There is hardly a patient worker who does shoddy job of his assigned duties.

Those who wants to do the will of God must borrow from the nature of God, patience. If we don’t do the will of God patiently, we might end up losing the reward of doing the will of God. God’s work can only be rewarding when done in God’s way.

God’s way is patience and anyone who will do God’s work must do it patiently.
Patience is the bridge we must cross from knowledge to self-control. It is possible that with much Knowledge we become impatient but when patience is added to knowledge, we become self-controlled instead of being proud because knowledge does puff up.

There is also a limitation on the increase in knowledge when we have not learned patience, there are some advanced knowledge that comes only with learning patience. Notice that it is possible to be knowledgeable about patience and have not learned patience. In essence knowledgability is not the same as patience.

Patience is a sign of maturity, only those trained by it can be termed mature. Just like babies are selfish creatures so are the impatient individuals, the more selfish we are, the more impatient we are. Patience is the process by which we lose our selfish weights. By the time we come out of the process we no longer have the tenacity to want things done our way but God’s patient way.

Patience doesn’t come easy. Patience is only learned in school of hard knocks. I wish it is easy to come by but no, it doesn’t. To pray for patience is to pray for trials, to request patience is to invite hardship. This is the only way to reach Zion, it is the only way to wear the crown and obtain the promise. Since it is the only way, those who will be great embrace this bed of roses: with the bleeding petals and the ugly thorns.

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