Common sense is common. Is it? Planning is probably expected in all of human endeavours, but there are many proofs to support that it is not yet a common sense. In the following notes you will find the opportunity to experience the freedom the common sense of planning offers.


God, He is a planner. Even though He’s sovereign, he still follows his eternal plan.

Planning is an intention, but a detailed formulation of a program of action.

Planning is taking responsibility for d direction of your life so that u don’t end up a liability in life. Plan, review, plan.

Planning is charting direction for your action so you don’t end in confusion.

Planning is taking care where u direct your steps so you don’t end up a social concern for the community or a burden for the church.

It is a cooperative means of harvesting God’s promises, prophecies and or blessings into one’s life.

A balanced Christian does not only pray for a good life, he also plans for one and prayerfully follow through.

Biblical basis for planning.

1. God did it. Job 23:11-14, Ps. 33:10-11, Ps 40:4-5

2. When you are in God’s plan, you work effortlessly.

3. God instructed Moses to follow a plan. Ex.25:40

4. Noah followed a plan. Gen 6:13-16

5. Nehemiah followed plan Neh. 2:11-17

6. David followed one. 1Chr. 28:9, 12, 19

7. Jesus told parables about it. Luke 14:28-32

Importance of planning.

1. It is a necessary part of living. No nation, as also individuals become great by accident, there are many things involved, but planning can be said to be the most paramount. Prov. 20:4

2. Planning is necessary to prevent disasters, disappointment and shame.

3. It will with foresight, help us prepare for danger ahead. Prov. 13:16 NLT

4. Planning can lead to freedom.

5. Careful planning can keep us from pressure.

Planning for tomorrow is a time well spent.

6. Planning can help engage our resources wisely and optimally.

7. Careful planning can help us stay on course.

Common sense can deliver you from disaster because it will prevent it in the first place.

Research. Expand. Don’t stand on yesterday, it has long given way for today. Research into tomorrow before it comes.

How to Plan

1. Plan prayerfully. Ps. 37:5, prov. 16:3

2. Understand God’s assignment, purpose, promise and prophecy for you now, or the next phase of life. 2 Pet. 1:19

3. Evaluate where u are now. It will deliver u from assumptions and unrealistic plan

4. Make plans according to the promises of God 1 Tim. 1:18

5. Follow God’s revealed will when u make your plans Ex.24:4

6. Prayerfully think about how to do it and write it down. Hab. 2:2-3

7. Share with all stakeholders.

Examples of practical planning.

1. Spiritual plans.

How devoted do I want to be in the next year that will reflect growth and development? How many minutes/hours of prayer? How often do I want to engage in vigil? How many passages/chapters of the Bible will I read daily? How many verses will I memorize in the year? How many days of fast?

How many souls to witness to? Minimum offering decision?

2. Career/academic/business development plans

Where do you want your career to be by the turn of the year?

Commit to needed preparations. Books to read, exams to write, skills to acquire? State the date and time.

Set in motion the contact and connection needed.

3. Finance/investment plan How much do you want to save? How do you want to save it?

Think and plan for other sources of income.

Think of ways to improve present source of income. Think of ways of conserving present income.

4. Family life

Create time for spouse, children and extended family relation and friends. It is plan of balanced living. Do not pursue career at the expense of family and friends.

5. Project plan

Set goal for a project.

Bonus: If you must borrow to build, borrow enough to complete the building such that paying back is more or less a rent.

Make plans but trust God for their execution. Don’t be unduly stressed. Life can be fun even though it is short.

Minister: Olubunmi Obalade (PhD)

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