Of Nimrod, Abraham and Ambition

Dear Friend,

My good friend, hope you’re not weary of my many letters to you. It’s my love for you that is compelling me to keep writing to you. I still have many more things to write to you about.

Today, I want to remind you of a particular sermon that was preached in my fellowship when I was in 300L. I was shocked when the pastor took the microphone and he began to cry. I never knew pastors can cry too. My curiosity was aroused when I saw him crying. I wanted to know why he was crying.

Then, he made a statement: ‘I have seen God’. Wow! What exactly did he see? I hope I will get an answer one day. That day, he preached about a man I have never heard of before that day. He told us about Nimrod who build a lot of cities like Nineveh, Rehoboth and all.

He further compared Nimrod to Abraham who didn’t build a single house not to talk of a city. He reminded us of the verse in Hebrews where Abraham was said to be looking for a city that God has built.

My friend, Abraham signified purpose while Nimrod signifies Ambition. Do you know that most people are not aware of the man called Nimrod? Abraham outlived Nimrod despite not building a house.

Don’t pursue your ambition. Follow God’s instructions. He will lead you to a city that He has already built. He did it for Abraham. He will do it for you too. Trust in His Will.

Your Friend,

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