Quitting in the Shadow of Jochebed

We have always been taught to never give up nor quit but to persist and continue despite the odds, but now i say unto you beloved , GIVE UP. Giving up is folly when it is out of fear but great wisdom when it is because of faith in God, GIVING UP IS FOLLY WHEN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS WHAT YOU’RE GIVING UP BUT WISDOM WHEN WHAT YOU’RE GIVING UP IS YOUR INABILITY, The call to cast our burdens on God is a call to give up our inapabilities, a call to allow God to be God, it is wisdom to know our limits and quit accordingly so as to allow God do what only Him can do, knowing that GOD DOES NOT SNATCH BURDENS, HE RECEIVES THEM.*

For three months Jochebed tried to keep Moses safe but when she could no longer continue, she called it a quit; knowing when to give up is one of the greatest dimension of wisdom, IF MANY HAD GIVEN UP ON TIME, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE GONE DOWN(died) BEFORE TIME. Must you die before you give up, why not hand over for God to take over, ADMITTING THAT YOU’RE NOT GOD IS NOT STUPIDITY, IT IS A WAY OUT OF CONTINUED AND LIFE DISCONTINUING CALAMITY.*

If Jochebed had continued holding on to Moses, she would still end up losing him; it is human to want to keep what you define as beautiful, but inhumane to keep it at the expense of ones life. IN LIFE, THE WAY TO KEEP THINGS IS TO HOLD ON TO THEM; IN GOD, THE WAY TO KEEP THINGS IS TO LET GO OF THEM. The keeper of Israel can keep all things, even the most unlikely; HE WHO DOES NOT SLEEP NOR SLUMBER IS THE MOST SECURE SAFE; Many have learned in a hard way that WHATEVER YOU WANT TO RETAIN, YOU MUST RELEASE FOR WHATEVER YOU HOLD WITH THE TIGHTEST GRIP, IS THE FIRST THING THAT SLIPS OUT OF YOUR HANDS.*

Physically, Jochebed placed Moses in the Nile but spiritual she placed him in the hands of God, WE DON’T GIVE UP TO CHANCE OR TO FATE WE GIVE UP TO GOD. Because Moses was placed in the hands of God, God ensured his safety in the Nile, He ensured he remained in place till the daughter of Pharaoh came, brought him out for the daughter of pharaoh to see(not the maids), gave Moses to the daughter of pharaoh as a son and returned Moses back to his mother with a monthly salary…. What a great keeper. WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE; IS HUMAN, WHAT HAS BEEN, MUST BE; IS DIVINE.*

Until it is in God’s hands, it is in no hands. WHAT WILL END UP BEING YOURS IS WHAT YOU GIVE UP TO GOD.*

Culled from Exodus 2.


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  1. Hezekiah March 8, 2017 at 9:20 am - Reply

    Well done sir.

    • Joebabatunde March 8, 2017 at 11:46 am - Reply

      You have done the heavier part. More grace.

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