There are many gatekeepers to the grounds you wished to walk in. They are fierce and terrifying, they have big biceps that easily inform you that they are regular guests at the local gym. They are not smiling neither can you fathom their facial expressions. They wear blank faces behind their dark glasses and to complete their blandness, they wear their no-nonsense uniforms and suits snuggling their weapons where you don’t need visual aid to see them. 

Depending on where you wished to enter, the bouncers are of varying colours and design, they can be the HR personnel, an examination and the likes. For one of my friends, they were real security agents guarding the White House and his excitement was quickly decimated when they bounced him off the grounds. I guessed it wasn’t an open day at the Capitol Hill. That was his story but that’s just the beginning. 

What do you do when life excites you to a door but then you get bounced? Do you allow your joy to be killed or you rebound? My friend will not let some probably overzealous security guards kill his joy, he rebounded. 

Denial is not always permanent, it is mostly circumstantial. 

When you are bounced, rebound. 

Everyone who will attain success will at several times be denied. For these persons being bounced is no longer a probability but a certainty, but the more they are bounced the more they rebound. 

It seems like some gatekeepers are resolved to keep bouncing people, living true to their name: bouncers. But people who are success stories being written are also resolved to keep rebounding. 

If gatekeepers of life or of your goals are adamant about keeping you out, you should decide like my friend did to keep rebounding. There is one thing I’m confident of and that is one day where we have received access denied, we will get access granted. Rebound. 

The ability or characteristics of rebounding after being bounced is also known as resilience. Resilience is one of the accessories of greatness and I know you have it in you.

Don’t let any thing or anyone dampen your spirit. Don’t let any bouncer kill your joy. Try again. Do it again. Do it differently this time but do it anyway. Try another perspective. Look at the gate and the keepers from another angle. There are killjoys on the path to a higher level, but will they stop you forever? No way. They will not because you’re resilient. You are resilient because you always rebound. Are you bounced? Rebound. 

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  1. Joe Olayinka April 28, 2017 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    Great article. Well, what happens in situation where you are the ‘bouncer’ to yourself. Sometimes I lack the motivation to move on.. .or is there a name for such bouncer?
    #just thinking

    • Joebabatunde May 9, 2017 at 9:51 am - Reply

      Thanks for dropping by. I find being a bouncer for oneself interesting, but I think the same admonition applies: if you bounced yourself rebound. #ithink

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