It’s your funeral. You are looking back at what the people you left behind are doing. You could see through the portal of time all you have done while you were in time.

Life is a unique, articulated and well-coordinated sense of being in man within space and time.

1.     No matter how long you live, life is brief.

It takes man time to live long enough to die. At the end of living is death. Job 14:1-2.

Flex your muscles, shout your voice hoarse. Exert your personality and reflect all that is in you, for in a little time you are dead.

A young man is strong, but for a while. An old man may appear helpless today and in no time he will have no need of help.

This place is nice and beautiful, but I’m just passing by, I don’t belong here.

I want to keep staying here. Life is beautiful they say, but then I discover I don’t have a say on when I got here and when I shall leave.

I am deceived into thinking that what I do during my stay is enough to give me permission to control when to exit, but then I would not have wanted to go.

2.     Life is fickle and uncertain.

The longest time of existence is but as a vapour. He appeared to us as agile and full of live and by night he was full of formalin, cooling off in the freezer.

Handle life with care and caution, it can end any minute.

Life is slippery. The harder you try to grasp it, the easier it slips away.

3.     Life is a divine treasure to be invested.

We are investing and have invested in things that don’t last. We work ourselves out on things that don’t last. We can build what can and will outlive our generation when we build legacies and touch the lives of men in love.

Do you love life? Then don’t squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.

Don’t just spend your life, don’t waste it either. Invest it.

It is not how many our years are that matters but what we do with them.

“Let me not live to be useless” John Wesley.

What’s the worth of your life? You think it is the value of goods and possessions when monetized. Foolish! Your life is not valued by material, neither is it by money, it is valued by its investment on other lives.

If it will help you at all, note that the whole world with all its treasure, known and yet unknown weigh far less against your life. Therefore, stop using materials and possessions to value your life or worth.

Life is not measured by the number of children you birthed but rather by the number of children you trained in the way of the Lord.

You are not as safe as you think, not as healthy as you think, not as immune to death as you think. We are all near death than we can imagine.

Sometimes it takes death to value life. I wonder how life will be lived if there is no reality of death.

There is death in life and there is life in death, it is the in and out of the fabric of existence.

4.     Life is a treasure that has no equivalence. It cannot be replaced.

Time is the thread with which life is woven. Just like you cannot restore time spent or wasted so also you cannot replace life when it is gone.

Learn the idea of counting life down instead of counting up.

This is worth dwelling on. We do not know when we are going to exit this plain of existence but there is a frame to reckon life: date of birth. We move from the known to the unknown, from the date of birth to the date of death. The problem with this way of reckoning life is that we see much as better and less as bitter, but then either more or less we fail to put our heart to wisdom. We celebrate increase in age without a corresponding attention to wisdom such gives. The only way that wisdom can be grasped is to note that each year spent and each birthday celebrated brings us closer to the exit. With each day comes a step taken towards the grave. When today is over, we just had a day removed from our lifetime. It is a countdown people.

5.      Life is meant to be redeemed.

Life is the meeting place for man to meet his creator. Life spent without making that contact is a technical waste.
Life’s redemption is not left to the man in whose nostrils there is breath but is also a burden the Creator is more than willing to bear.
Life is not designed for a free fall, but a life left on its own, lived without direction will usually find its way down to hell. Without God it will not be possible for life to be redeemed from that free fall.
Life no matter how well it is spent or invested, without redemption it is still a life on a free fall down the slippery road to hell.
Life is the meeting place for man to meet his creator. Life spent without making that contact is a technical waste.
Facilitated by: Rev. Olubunmi Obalade (PhD)

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