Responsible Brotherhood

If I write or say something that is outright heresy and blasphemy against the Living God, there is a great probability that it will go unnoticed but let’s say what I wrote or spoke of is against a notable man of God…

This year, God is adding another burden of revolutionary action. God is in need of children who resembles Him.

What do I mean by children who resembles God? God seems to be unhappy with children who are cowards while He is the Mighty Man in battle. He is not happy that His children are panicky cubs, whoever hears of that, while He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. God is obviously not happy, but very few seems to notice it. I didn’t notice it too. Actually we could have noticed it, but we are not paying attention to what bothers our Father.

God has no need of almighty children. The okra tree cannot be taller than its harvester. God honors those who honor Him and when God honors a man and lifts him above his  other children, it does not make him god to the other children. This message is not to the honored children it is the other  children that must pay attention and it is with you I’m having this discussion.

What authority do I have to gather the children of God and address them? I have no authority and I have one authority. This is what I mean: I do not wield the power that solely belongs to God to dominate all of His creation, nor the authority that comes with responsible fatherhood but yes, I have one authority however: the authority of responsible brotherhood.

The burden God is laying on all of His children is the responsibility that comes with being God’s children. It is put in another way the burden of responsibility God’s children have to their siblings. Don’t be confused about it, I will break it down a little further.

I have a responsibility towards my parents and because I have siblings, I have another responsibility to these too. I will not have any responsibility towards any sibling if I was not born at all.

Fulfilling my responsibility towards my siblings will definitely be the satisfaction of a desire of my parents.

Going over the previous three paragraphs and putting ourselves in the picture, with God as the parent, will bring to light what we are discussing and how it is important to all of God’s children.

Earlier on I suggested that God is unhappy about the fact that some or many of His children are not like him in terms of courage and boldness, this is a good position to dwell on that point.

God has exalted some of His children and He ensured that some other children are around them, it is this humble children of God that are the cause of God’s unhappiness. I am not judging, I belong in your class and that is why God want us to change this year.

If I write or say something that is outright heresy and blasphemy against the Living God, there is a great probability that it will go unnoticed but let’s say what I wrote or spoke of is against a notable man of God (the class of the honored children)…

There is a way ants swarms sugar. Drop a cube of sugar and in a matter of time ants will cover it, tear it apart and eventually there will be no sugar.

Remove the “a matter of time” and replace it with “no time”, that is how fast I will be attacked by other children.

Who are we serving and who are we deceiving? We are deceiving ourselves but sadly we are blinded by our deceit that we do not know that we are deceiving ourselves.

We have turned ourselves to men worshipers and we no longer bother about worship of God in spirit and in truth. This is sad because it has become a snare unto the honored children of God.

This is only one leg of the discussion, the other leg is the one that concerns courage and boldness: Being honest with the honored children of God.

If God’s children are not bold to tell each other the truth and ensure that anyone who is erring, no matter their status or class is corrected and restored how can they bring to God those who are His enemies? We are not bold to face our elder brothers, is it the sons of and the enemy we are going to be bold to face?

To God, all of us are God’s children, but among us we can identify those whom God has honored. We are all God’s children and out of His children, He sent some out to bring in others as active servants in an ongoing service. This is their primary honor and we are their brothers. At a point in their service they became elevated in the sight of men due to some mundane reasons which originally are meant to glorify God: power of oratory, people skill, signs and wonders. We honored them and then shortly we deify them. Shortly after that, they seem in their own eyes as higher than us and in a short while any brother who attempt to correct them will be torn apart not by them but by us.

In the course of time they are far removed from us, and we represent reality. They became out of touch with reality. In the same course of time, we are far removed from them, and they represent ideality. We became out of touch with ideality. In the same course of time, we have lost our identity as children of God.

God has no fear or favor in justice. He is holy in judgement. As He is, so are we. Are we?

If we are quick to say as Christ is, so are we, then we must learn to judge good judgement.

I think it is when I become an honored child of God that I should be cautioned promptly and it should be an honorable thing to be surrounded by brothers who don’t want me to fall and therefore prays for me and more needfully rebuke me. I represent them to others. God forbid that I become an honored child and then no one else is good enough to correct me.

This is not about motivating God’s children to be rude to elders. The position of being an elder is not by age by the way. It is about asking us to do what pleased the Lord.

If the elders don’t encourage us, the humble children of God to be free with them such that this class of people can ask them question and point out any mistake, God forbid that they become dishonorable.

It is much better to remain a humble child of God than to be honored by God and then dishonored.

This year, each of us must have the burden to uphold God’s honored children in prayer but much more in correction.

What God sees fit for His humble children is well suited for His honored children also. He does not have two standards. Yes, He will defend His servants, punish those who dare stand in their path but when they forget to attend promptly to the issue of His holiness He does not hesitate to mark them down. Moses was on my mind.

Where it concerns all of God’s children Samuel and Eli are on my mind. Let Samuel speak out boldly what God has said about Eli. But before we push Eli down the cliffs, let’s return him to the essence of Shiloh.


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