Sudden Death

Sudden Death: “What Kind of Person are you?”

Emergency_Room_courtesy_PropublicaiStockPhoto_t670“What kind of people are you?” The man stood transfixed and obviously shocked, “is there no first aid thing or something you can do?” he further said, totally perplexed.

Every one of us will likely be in this state one day or be the subject matter for whom pity will be asked and begged, but it will not avail much.

I got to work thankful that it’s Friday. The day starts officially with a devotion where the exhortation is the emphasis of living peaceably with one’s neighbour over a show of piety or holiness that is void of relational evidences. “Follow peace with all men, and holiness without which no man shall see God”. Follow peace first, then your attempt at holiness will be worthwhile, this I presume is the summary of the exhortation. But while the Human Resource Manager is about rounding off the devotional prayer a melodrama happened.

To the inexperienced, it must have passed for one of the scenes from a movie: someone drove into a hospital at top speed, ran out of the car as if he could have outrun the car in the first place, and shouted to another patient as if the patient or a patient’s relation is the doctor.

At this point I will like to highlight the moral of the whole story to you.

Sudden Death: Inferences.

  1. Your help might be someone you do not expect it will be. The hope and assurance this troubled individual needed can ignorantly be supplied by a non-professional than by a professional. At least you will be comforted.
  2. The truth you so much desire may hurt you rather than pamper you. If you really want to know the truth, be willing to accept some pain.
  3. One way to answer the question “what kind of people are you?” is to say in our context, a caring people who can be as dead as the person you think we can raise but while we still breathe, we can confirm to you your worst nightmare “sorry, your loved one is dead”.
  4. We are not wicked, it’s just that you are asking questions from the wrong persons. We don’t normally raise the dead nor heal the sick in the least, we care for the sick, and can as well preserve the dead.
  5. FIRST AID should in my opinion, be renamed or better seen as a contraction of the phrase “FIRST of the last AIDs”. Why? Because it can only work for the living and for the living who have not gone too far into the country of no return. Also importantly, because it is given when the true FIRST AID is still there, when the giver of the aid has not withdrawn His help.
  6. So to answer the second question of my troubled friend, “is there no first aid thing or something you can do?” Yes there is, but it will work, not on the dead but on you.
  7. People died a death that is SUDDEN, so called, but one way or the other the caterpillar that eats vegetable always lives on the vegetable. It is sudden only after the event, but it is actually like the so called overnight success who has been working, exercising daily at what they do for some years and then running a mile (some seconds show) in time thought impossible and standing on the stage is our overnight success.
  8. When we eat junks as food and soda as water, it will be sweet in our mouth, but it evidently is bitter to our body cells. We trained our palate as well as our children to hate what is bitter to the taste but is healthy in the long term. We will rather have soda than vegetable, sugar and seasonings than tea without sugar or soup without seasoning. And you said sudden death.
  9. You know you don’t normally feel that way, but now that you feel that way, you said, “This too shall pass”. It will surely pass, but it does not have to pass like headache passes once the head has been severed from the body. (Don’t ask how I know. But since you insist: When someone dies, every form of treatment no matter how complex or simple ceases. You still asked why? Read this point again.)
  10. If someone can carry out post-mortem in heaven, it is likely they return with the result “No Death is sudden”.

Sudden Death: Conclusion

In conclusion anytime the prayer, “you will not die suddenly” is prayed, before you say amen, ask yourself “what kind of person am I?” lest you are that kind of person who knows the truth but does nothing commensurate with the truth. When they said sweet thing can kill, I hope you don’t just ignore it. That must have been the way the porcupine felt. He was eating banana and was told it was left as a bait, it said “I know”. “You will enter trap!”, “stop shouting”, it said. “I told you I know”. It eventually ended as meat in the hunter’s wife pot of soup. But he knew.

If monkey learned from history he will understand that it is what it likes that killed its father and cousin. Before you ask the wrong question of first aid, softly remind yourself to act worthy of knowledge and truth.

The death that is killing one’s mate is teaching a lesson. Never ignore the so called sudden death that killed a relative but learn and live a better life than they did.

Enough on bad news, thank God it’s Friday. Thank God the person who died knew the Lord. Thank God I can hope the Lord knows the person.


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