Thanksgiving Sunday

When I hear end-of-the-year thanksgiving, I am immediately reminded of food, drinks, and an unusual service. For church halls are beautifully decorated,special events/programmes are featured in the order of service for that day, and everyone comes prepared to dance, sing and make thanksgiving offerings.

It was thanksgiving this Sunday and as expected, the above listed features were present. Then, it was time for ‘thanksgiving proper’. Everyone, with our thanksgiving offerings already set aside, prepared to offer it unto the Lord amidst much singing and dancing.


Before that however, the officiating minister implored our permission to share briefly from the book of Luke 17: 17-18.


“These Lepers looked unto Jesus for mercy as we did through the year, still do today and will continue to do, he began. “Jesus had mercy on them as they made their way to the priest. The other nine lepers on realising they were cleansed perhaps related their cleansing to Jesus but, rather absent-mindedly. They didn’t contemplate their miracle thoroughly enough to stop in their tracks and acknowledge God. They got carried away by the miracle and were gladly going to perform whatever religious activity the priest would give them. But, not the tenth leper. He contemplated the miracle sufficiently to stop in his tracks and go back to Jesus first. Oh, How he worshipped the Lord! And Jesus acknowledged him and made him whole – a feat, we were not told happened to the other nine. Do we not like the nine lepers get caught up in the euphoria of our miracles that we fail to go back to God and offer due thanks after tirelessly troubling him over that need?”.


As I sat down there and listened, I remembered: successful long and short distance trips I had made in the course of the year, accomplished projects that I had prayed endlessly towards, sound health,miracle job, successful admission for further studies, divine provisions and on and on. That day, I thanked God wholeheartedly, never to give Him half-hearted thanks again.


Flowergirl (pseudonym) wrote from Lagos, Nigeria.


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