The music of man,
Since primordial times
Has survived tons of generations.
Travelling with civilization
And a fair share of evolution

It has broken cultural barriers

Now, we are so attached
like soul mates.
Can life continue,
In a transient leave of music?

Amazing solos, we’ve witnessed
And therapeutic tunes;
Our ears have tingled
With delight, we have grinned
Listening to melodious sounds

Have we seen the best of music?
Have we heard it all?
Is anything new?

Yea, there is much more.
There remains uncovered,
That which is to come –
Music of the celestial
Beyond the clouds;
Beyond the perception
And comprehension
Of the human entity

The sophistication,
And brilliance
And artistry
Of that which we have known
Will pale in distant inferiority,
Likened with that which is to come.

Yea, all we’ve seen and heard
And all that has happened to us
Constitute not a tip of the berg.

The music of heaven,
From the source of ingenuity
Indeed, where creativity resides

Who can compare?
Have we seen anything?
Have we heard anything?
Not until we encounter

That which is to come.

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