The Copyright Owner of Both “To Will” and “To Do”

God is great. There is nothing he says he will do that he cannot do and will not do. He can say anything and it will happen. That’s a simple statement right?

It is such a simple and “common” strings of words that you may not appreciate them until you see how many things you wanted to do and cannot do or did not do. Therefore, every time you say you want to do something and are able to carry it out remember to give glory to God. Why? It is not in a man that walks to direct his own steps. Every time you want to do and are able to do, it is an extension of God’s grace and mercy. It is actually the power and nature of God you are permitted to exhibit or use with no strings attached.

Whenever you say “I will do this or that” you are actually making a demand on the fundamental divine right of God. It is only God who owns the right on “to will” and “to do”.

Whenever anyone wants to use the artistic creation or an invention of another, it is expected that a permission is sought and received before use. In some instances royalty is paid to the original owner, in others acknowledgement is made on the source of the information. It is a curious thing that we infringe on the copyright of God’s creation and we think it is a light issue.

If you have ever had your article or writing plagiarized and you felt bad or you probably took legal action against the offender, you must probably have felt how God feels on a daily basis.

No man has that right to say I will do something and the doing of that thing. It is an exclusive right of God and it follows that whenever we want to do something and we are able to, we owe God some royalty.

Sometimes our lives fall into a routine that we no longer take conscious effort to will. It seems the part to will is skipped and we only move on to doing, this does not excuse us from acknowledging God for giving us leave on the action. An example of this is our regular 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 jobs. On a good day, we only move from home to work “without thinking” about it, Mondays to Fridays. Once in a while we are reminded that indeed it is not in us that walk to determine our steps when we break down.

Why should we be charged to court before we know that we are an offender? Is it not better to be law abiding than to suddenly start shopping for a competent defence attorney? We should start acknowledging God in the little details of our lives before he deals with our rudeness and offensive divine right infringements.

The summary of the character description of those who fails on a continuous basis or chose not to acknowledge God is pride. For the minority group who have found ways to reason God’s divinity and existence out of their lives, the description is a one word thing, they are “FOOLS”.

One day a hardworking, diligent and shrewd business man had a venture that rubbished his previous achievements. It was a stupendously profitable venture. In view of this new height he decided to enlarge his business empire, a reasonable thing to do. That evening after he has concluded his plans for a global impact, he was already eager to dress for office. The idea is in place. The good work can begin. Standing from the desk in his study, he collapsed and died. Cause of death: unknown until…

There was this great king, this one didn’t die suddenly like the business man. His acumen on war, and tactics in battle formation was unrivalled. This must be the explanation for his ever expanding kingdom. It must have been this cascade of successful exploits that even made far countries to submit to him before he even starts campaigns every summer until he does not have need to campaign again. It was on one of those periods of the year he would have been on the battle field that he was noticed on the roof of his palace. The king’s palace is actually the tallest building in its immediate location. He looked around and could see the impressive empire he has, his was not just a vast expanse of sand dunes in the desert. It is a lively kingdom. If you were in town that evening you would have heard the thunderous voice that suddenly put a pause on every activity, saying “This is the verdict on you, King Nebuchadnezzar: Your kingdom is taken from you. You will be driven out of human company and live with the wild animals. You will eat grass like an ox. The sentence is for seven seasons, enough time to learn that the High God rules human kingdoms and puts whomever he wishes in charge.” It was later that we learned that the king said the following statement before that response “Look at this, Babylon the great! And I built it all by myself, a royal palace adequate to display my honour and glory!”

Back to the story of the business man. It was when the Prophet that is more than a prophet came and explained why the business man died that we really had that mystery solved. The Prophet says the man heard God says to him “Fool! Tonight you die. And your barnful of goods–who gets it?” and he told us “That’s what happens when you fill your barn with Self and not with God.” So cause of death: he was filled with himself and trusts in his ability but never acknowledged God who owns the right to will and to do.





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