The Eyelids of The Dawn

The non continua of aluta is defeat aserta*
He who has seen the horrors of slavery will rather lose his head than bend his knees*
The life we are scared to lose for what we love, we will be forced to live for what we loathe*
When a mortal is afraid to die for his desires, he dies a dreamer*
When we lose the fear of death , death gains the fear of us.*

What keeps a slave in slavery is not chains, it is his fear of the unknown*
His numerous rhetoric questions of ‘what if’ is the reason for the extinction of his joy*
He who was a servant of fear is now a slave of the cruel*
For all that man fears that kept him inactive, he will reap as the reward for His inaction*
He who holds on to the known because he dreads the unknown will one day be held a prisoner in the hands of the unknown FOR THE LIFE WE ARE AFRAID TO LOSE IS THE LIFE WE LOSE.*

Take the step or lose the leg*
Speak the word or lose the tongue*
Sweat the sweat or bleed the blood*
The life of the fearful will ever be more horrible than the death of the fearless*
The fate of the brave is a twin _ freedom or death*
But the future of the terrified is without an option a terrible life that ends in disgraceful death .*

When at sunset the sun goes to bed*
And THE EYELIDS OF THE DAWN covers the eyeballs of the sun*
Terror knocks the door of hearts and fairy tales gives way to nightmares*
Man submits to sleep and surrenders to slumber*
For his love for pleasure and his fear of pain*
The works of man is abandoned not for the loss of importance but for the knowledge of darkness*
But even though man bows before the eyelids of the dawn, he rises again at the eyeballs of the sun.*

Just as the eyelids of the dawn covers the eyeballs of the sun*
So does the chances of doom masks the experience of desires*
The life we this day enjoyed was on the death of the fearless dead built*
The ancient drops of blood and sweats of brows mixed to become the refreshing waters of our days*
Unlike the day and night, if the dawn be death or doom and the sun be life or desires*
Those who bow at the eyelids of the dawn never rises to see the eyeballs of the sun….*

It is time to defy death (the worst of all the unknown) in other to define a life that will remain a blessing for all times.*

Culled from Job. 41:18 and Matt.10:39.

Mysteries Of The Ages #57,

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  1. Ogaga Eruteya March 13, 2017 at 10:51 pm - Reply

    Great piece here, i must say. Indeed, fear has held many of us back – even those who claim to have no fear. It’s time to rise up and give expression to the spirit of power in us.

    • Joebabatunde March 14, 2017 at 11:49 am - Reply

      You are right. We have been asleep for way too long. It is high time we looked the sun in the eyes.

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