The Mystery of Mastery 2

 1Samuel 16:18.

Joseph was recommended, Daniel was recommended and David was recommended. Does that make any sense? These three were men that stood before kings, before princes and nobles, though they were deeply spiritual men, it was what they could do that brought them before kings, WHEN THE LORD IS SET TO CHANGE YOUR LEVEL, HE MAKES YOUR SKILL A NEED.
No time spent on the way to mastery is a waste and one pleasant thing about promotion is this, what will take a man out of the valley or wilderness is(what he does) in the valley or wilderness, REFUSE TO BE WEIGHED DOWN BY YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, WHAT WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF IT IS IN IT, WHAT A MAN DOES IN THE WILDERNESS WILL EITHER KEEP HIM THERE OR TAKE HIM OUT, IT’S A MATTER OF TIME. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE EVEN WHEN YOU’RE WHERE YOU HATE, FOR AT THE FULLNESS OF TIME, WHAT YOU LOVE DOING WILL TAKE OUT OF WHERE YOU HATE.
Our area of mastery is not where we think or feel we are good or excellent, one of the ways to identify our area of mastery is through the testimony of the wise, and of the blessed, Take note of the praise of the wise and of the blessed, it is a serious pointer to your area of mastery. Despise not the area where you’ve always been a blessing to lives, rather develop it no matter how common it seems. The gift of a man has not failed and will not fail to make room for him. Amen.
Glory to God.


Afolabi Hezekiah Abiola is a Christian based in Oyo state who enjoys meditating on God’s word and engaging the results of his meditation… He is called to bring the wisdom and power of God to men through the communication of the word of God, this he does through his writings and talks.

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