The Mystery of The King Maker

1Samuel 16:1-13

Becoming a king is like becoming a graduate, there are courses to complete and once these courses are completed man becomes a king. Just as having a doctor as a father does not automatically make one a doctor, so does being the son of a king is not an automatic qualification for kingship, this is the reason why there are many who has God as their father and still have the devil as their lord and ruler. Though we are sons of the king of kings, we must take it to heart that KINGSHIP IS BY MAKING NOT BY GIFTING; A PROCESS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE WE CAN BECOME KINGS.
WHAT MAKES A MAN A KING IS HAVING ONE HEART WITH GOD and there are processes to be completed before one’s heart becomes one with God’s,  having completed these processes, God comes to install one as a king. The day the heart of a man becomes unified with God, he becomes qualified to be a king, what God commits to us depends not on anything else but the level of the uniformity of our heart with His. THE MORE OF HIS HEART THAT OUR HEART BECOMES, THE MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY GOD COMMITS TO US, AS WE BECOME MORE LIKE HIM, HE GIVES US MORE TO HANDLE FOR HIM.
When God is looking for a king, He is simply Looking for the man that has the same heart with Him, not for the oldest, eldest, the most charismatic, most experienced, most educated, bravest, smartest, the closest to the throne or the most influential among all, when God needed a king, He found David, a man after His own heart, not Jonathan the son of the reigning king; not Joel and Abiha, sons of the most influential; not Abner, chief of warriors; not Saul, the man on the throne, but David, the man with God’s kind of heart. Our background, location, limitations and so on are not barriers, our heart is.

The labor that makes a man a king is that which he does on his heart to make it like God’s.

Afolabi Hezekiah Abiola is a Christian based in Oyo state who enjoys meditating on God’s word and engaging the results of his meditation… He is called to bring the wisdom and power of God to men through the communication of the word of God, this he does through his writings and talks.

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