The Mystery of the Winds

  Isaiah 34:16.
These are the days of the winds, a very dangerous time to be a green horn….The extent and kind of the knowledge that one has about a day determines ones experience in such a day, only those who know the day obtain the treasures it contains. There are treasures and troubles in everyday and what a man experiences depends on the knowledge he is trading with.

The last days are the days of the winds, where no matter your position you will be moved by the wind; No man can resist being borne by this wind, the best anyone can do is to chose which direction he desires to be blown to, for in every direction available, there is a wind to take one there, being blown is a must the direction is the only option available. The winds of which i speak is prophecy- the last days is characterized by all kinds of prophecies and by reason of the source of these prophecies which is God, it must be fulfilled. Exceedingly great power is at work in our days to enforce the fulfilment of these prophecies; take for instance: in the last days, there will be a great outpouring of the Spirit and there will be a great increase in lawlessness; these are two different prophecies(winds) about the last days and they are carrying everyone. The workings of powers is so real in the last days that everybody is influenced by one.

These are the last days, the days of the great harvest; the power of God is readily at work to ensure the great harvest, those who position themselves rightly will be lifted by this wind into bountiful harvest, these are no days to struggle for heights and manifestations, all we need do is to position ourselves properly in consecration and devotion to the word and prayers, the wind of prophecy will come carry us into the realities for which we crave… These are the days when by the power of the winds ordinary men shall do the extraordinarily. Let’s be diligent to be rightly positioned for wrong positioning will be flight into peril.

Afolabi Hezekiah Abiola is a Christian based in Oyo state who enjoys meditating on God’s word and engaging the results of his meditation… He is called to bring the wisdom and power of God to men through the communication of the word of God, this he does through his writings and talks.

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